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Monday, October 28, 2013

Bridgeway Academy - Review

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I was given a Learning Lab from Bridgeway Academy through
SchoolHouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review.
The course is a 9 week course a $145. Value.  The course is called
Magic Tree House Social Studies- The Middle Ages with Kathi Thomas
This particular course is for children Grades 1-5th grade.  My son
Spirit that used the course is in the 2nd grade.

 Bridgeway Academy offers various courses to make learning easy for
the homeschool parent. There is also a customizable curriculum for
your individual student. Courses include K levels all the way through
high school in an interactive online study.

The Learning Lab's are live online classes. Children interact with
other students from around the world and their instructors. They
are set up as workshops so that you can select your child's interest.
The classes are used along with the Jigsaw meeting room. Set up to
get into the classroom is pretty easy to do as long as you have all the
system requirements. Kathi Thomas had a parent meeting before hand
so that we could iron out the bumps with the technology.  The meeting
room has various areas of learning associated with it. Here are some of
the features associated with the room.

Chat- Type text chat where you can answer questions and have
discussion. You are able to talk live with instructors and students
via a microphone as well.

Map- There is a map that shows students where each one is located.
We scrolled through several times. It's fun to see where your new
friends are located. We were excited to see our instructor is pretty
close to our location.

Webcam- There are webcam capabilities so that you can see and hear
your instructor live.

Whiteboard- An interactive whiteboard where students can write or
draw their answers.

Presentation window- This is where the powerpoint for the class is
loaded along with clickable links if your instructor would like you
to view an outside video.

My son Spirit did most of the course with little guidance. I did sit beside
him and listen on classes and help him along the way with instructions.
Spirit is not an auditory learner so this type of atmosphere can be
slightly confusing for him at times however he really enjoys
learning in a class environment. The class time was about an hour or
more in length which for my wiggly boy was just long enough. We
did read the Magic Tree house book more as a jump off of the topic.
Some days the children would have homework to complete for the
next session time.

In one particular session the children learned about what type of
food the people of the middle ages ate. Spirit soon realized that
the rich had more variety than those that were poor. The children's
assignment was to create a menu using either a royal menu
or a common persons menu. Spirit obviously choose Royalty
from his menu cover of a king in his crown.


They learned all about  the different classes of
the people of that time period and how they lived. Below
Spirit drew a home and some things you would have found
there with in it. We labeled the different items.

What I did like about these classes was that despite the fact
that my son was not an auditory learner he still was able
to get hands on with his learning by completing various projects
from his class time . Each assignment the kids had to do they
were able to go over them in class and even present them to
one another. We worked most of our session working on our
model of a castle. Spirit had some assistance from mom with
the hot glue gun but this was his model idea. 

What I liked most about the classes:
*I liked that there were hands on opportunities and different learning
styles used in the teaching approach.

* I liked that my son was able to meet other students and work in
a group environment.

* His instructor was very easy to work with and accommodating.

*We had to miss one session and were able to watch it on a
recorded session.

What I didn't like:
*Sometimes technology can be frustrating which is in no
part  anyone fault.

* Some of the topic was over Spirit's level. He tried to keep
up but sometimes he was just sitting and didn't understand
what was going on.

Overall though we enjoyed the classes. Spirit especially
liked being able to show his work to the class.

If you would like to read more reviews on Bridgeway Academy
Click the graphic below.


Warm Blessings,

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