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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Virtual Refrigerator Art - Painting and Drawing

Welcome to Refrigerator Art. This week is it my turn to share Art.
Every week a group of bloggers share the art we create with our kids.
You are welcome to join in on that share with us your How To's,
crafts or other Art.

To my kids Art is everything. They love it and it is an important part
of my life too. Perhaps they pick up on that. So I couldn't think of a
better way than to start our first day of school with a paining session.
Our local arts and supply store had canvas on sale so I purchased one
for each child and gave it to them to create whatever they wanted to
create. It was interesting to watch the preschooler paint.

First she painted it all orange. I couldn't talk her into using another
color until it was all covered.

Then she painted it all red, then green, then blue, then purple, then brown
until it was all black. She left it dry and the next day she did this...

If you know Sweet Pea then you would know that of course she ended
with a layer of pink.

This one was done by my 13 year old Superboy. His sky is beautiful.

This one is done by my son 7 Spirit.

My oldest daughter is still working on hers so it's not pictured
Just yet. 

Sweet Pea created this art work. It came from an assignment
with the older kids to draw a scene and then use black
sharpie to outline it. Then they were to color it with watercolor paints.

This one is done by Spirit Age 7. This is a simple sketchbook
drawing. Each of the children have their own sketchbooks to draw in and
work in them often. This year Spirit has 4 already in his book. This one
was my favorite so far. He really took his time drawing that monkey. 

This is Spirit's age 7 black line drawing I talked about above.

This piece came about from look at art by Joan Miro
We investigated the different kinds of lines and shapes in his art.
Then Spirit Worked on creating his own shape drawing.
I hope you enjoyed visiting Refrigerator Art today.
Next week you will find it at Every Bed of Roses,

Warm Blessings,



  1. Those are all very good! Interesting about how your daughter layered all the colors and ended up with a layer of pink. Good for you, letting them be creative in their own way with that project!

  2. We love art in this homeschooling household too. I adore watching my children's process, especially the one whose work ends up what you might call "unusual"! I love the way you've described the evolution of your preschooler's canvas :-)
    All the paintings are gorgeous. I especially love Spirit's black line drawing. Watercolour & black sharpie is one of my favourite effects.
    Thank you for hosting the link up!

  3. awesome !!
    great post thanks for sharing ... I also use a Refrigerators in India at home and its amazing.


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