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Monday, September 9, 2013

Train Ride

I have not gotten the chance to tell all of you about our fun
day on the train. The week before we had planned to start our school
lessons we went on a train ride . This ride was rather local and we
were able to learn a lot of fun history about the area we used to live in.
It was almost nostalgic since we moved out of that area a little over a
year now. This steam train is located in New Freedom Pennsylvania.
You can learn all about them at their website Steam into History.

Our ride was a basic three hour trip. On the way down we learned
about local civil war time period history. The volunteers that make
up the trip were dressed in period clothing. There are other trips available
A Halloween train ride, Christmas train ride to chop your Christmas tree
and visit with a period Santa, and a mystery train among others.

The conductor gave us a little history of our train. In the fall the railroad
will be getting a new train with 5 cars which will be heated . This particular
train has been used at Disney and in the movie Next of Kin with the lead actor
Patrick Swayze. When they got the train area workers decided to create a
outdoor car for people to sit in that is open for riders. This one is fun because
you can see more and on hot days you get a little more air then in the cars.

The fun thing about this trip was that all of my kids were present
including my college student. I don't often get them all in
one spot anymore so it was nice to be able to take this photo.


Both of my parents also came along for the ride.
When we sat down there were two sweet elderly ladies there and
the one had a story to tell. She rode on a train  to Florida and
told the kids how fast the train went and what all she could do on it.

We learned of different companies in the local area. There was a
saw mill that was owned by a man I don't quite remember his name
but when the railroad came in he sold it, which turned out to be a
really bad business deal since the railroad produced money for
the locals. Many of the old homes and business were still along
the tracks but are now homes of local residents.

Another story I enjoyed was of the  Hobos. There was an old mine
nearby and the hobos would go in there to sleep. They called
the area Hobo alley. They slept in this mining cave and would
then run to hop the train. Residents weren't to happy about the hobos
residing in their town so they blew up the mines so they no longer
exist. The hobos often wrote messages on the walls of the cave.
Wish they were still present I bet that would be really neat to see.

During the Civil war the train was traveling as usual when the
announcement that the rebels were coming was soon dispatched to the
train stops but they missed the train and a rider had to race out to
try to warn the train of the impeding attacks.

This photo below was our destination Hanover Junction a railway stop.
The kids and I had often rode our bikes from the opposite direction to
this station on the rail trail. So it was a really familiar stop.

When we stopped a truck met us so we could have some ice cream
while we waited for the train to be ready for it's return trip.
You can learn some of the history of Hanover Junction at the link
provided. It was neat for me and the kids to look into. I really enjoy
history and when it's local its even more intriguing to the kids.

On the ride back the conductor told us history of the train.
We had a good chuckle about one of the locals saying that the
train whistle was to quiet for her. I would imagine all of that tooting
would be something they wouldn't like because its so new. No train has
run those rails in sometime.

I have to tell you now that my 16 year old daughter thought she would
hate the ride. She didn't want to go. Afterwards she asked to go again.

Now my little guy he loves trains. It's something he has been into for
some time and recently we found a train at a yard sale for $2. That
looks just like our train above. He has been playing with it for hours.
It is battery operated but was missing some track. Spirit does not
care that track is missing he is enjoying every second of it. I'll have to
keep my eyes peels for another one to add to this one.

After our ride there was also a little train store there to shop in. The
kids all bought hats. Sweet Pea pink, Superboy blue and spirit
grey. When we got to the car we explained the color significance
to Spirit  the blue and grey hats.  He soon wanted to change
his grey to blue. (wink) I can't wait till we can take him to Gettysburg
to learn some more civil war history.

I  just love this picture and had to share. There's a hint of his
chocolate ice cream on the tip of his nose.

Warm Blessings,



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