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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Presidential Game

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Along with the School House Review Crew I as given the
Presidential Game in exchange for my honest review a  $35. Value.
This is what is included with the game. 1 20 x 30 in. game board,
1 score pad, 3 blue dice, 3 red dice, 80 politics cards, 40 write- your
own politics cards, 150 republican votes (red chips), 150 Democrat votes
(blue chips), 1 Electoral webmap Calculator plus  Access Code.

This game is for children 11 years and older. Although some more
mature 10 year olds may be able to grasp the game as well.

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My two older children played this game together. Superboy age 13
and Princess age 16. I supervised and helped with directions the first
few times. Till they got the hang of it.

The Object of the game is to win the Presidential Election. You have
to capture 270 of the 535 electoral votes. A team can have more than
the 270 votes during the game. The team at the end that has at least the
270 votes wins the game.

First thing we had to do was decide who was republican and who was
democratic. We are not push politics in our home so they just each
took one. Princess Democrat and Superboy Republican. Each team
then has to decided how many weeks until the election. 30 weeks takes
about an hour to play. This would mean  each team has 30 turns.
We went with the suggested 30 weeks. It took us a little over an hour
but with any game there was much talking and laughing through it.

Each chip is 1 vote. You get your votes by rolling the dice and by choosing
politics cards. Each state at anytime can change who has the higher vote.
Say since I live in PA. PA could be either Democrat ,Republican or Neutral.
So for example if there are no votes in PA and Superboy adds 3 chips on his
roll then PA will be Republican. Then on Princess turn if she wants to put
5 chips. She would take away Superboys and gain control of that state. Now
that state is Democratic.  Now to decide which chips go on which state
you have to announce which three states you are campaigning.  You roll
the three dice of your color and then divide out your votes by what each dice
reads. So if I roll a 3, 2, and 6 those would be my votes to put on the states
I campaign. Pretty fun. The kids were yelling and cheering as they took
over different states. It became rather competitive .

Some states allow you to fundraise. There are 4 that let you do that.
California, New York , Florida and Texas. If on your turn you wish to
fundraise then you announce that and which state you are fundraising in.
You roll your dice and count out the total on the dice. Half of that has to
go to the state your choose. The rest can be divided and given to different
states of your choosing. After you decide where your votes go you
then choose a politics card.

You can use your politics card right away or save it for another turn.
Some must be used right away if they say play immediately. Used
cards are returned to the bottom. The politics cards are fun . More
of the cards than not are advances to your game but there are some
that say that your opponent gets the votes. Here is an example of how
one of the cards reads...  " Your opponent wears loafers to a fundraiser
at the National Cowboy Hall of fame and Western Heritage in Oklahoma
City. Add 3 votes to Oklahoma. " or this one " You are endorsed by the
Apple Ballot in Maryland Add 2 votes to Maryland."  There are also some
blank cards so that you can write your own. We haven't done that yet but
the kids have been itching to. They have some creative ideas to add.

You also have a score card so that you can keep track of your votes
and your opponents votes. + counts the votes picked up and - counts the
votes taken away on each turn.

The game ends when your weeks end that you selected at the beginning
of the game. There may be some states that are neutral, have a tie or have
not been campaigned. At this point the Neutral state is selected by the teams
with 1 die each. The highest die wins the state and the electoral votes
go to that state. If there is a tie roll you just roll again. The team with the
highest electoral votes wins.

As you play you can also use the Electoral map on the web. This
map reflects each state. You can click once to turn the state to Republican
and twice to make it Democratic. Once more to make it Neutral. At the
top of the page you can see how many votes each one has. There is a
code for getting into the map.

Now when we played the kids had a great time and it really helped
them to realize the process. There were a lot of questions about if this
is how a president is really chosen and I was able to talk with them
more about that in a relaxed atmosphere. I always find it interesting
how play sparks these type of questions and brings learning into their
everyday. It is games like this one that help the educator. We had a
lot of fun playing and it has became a favorite lately on our family
game nights. As it becomes colder we do those more regularly. The
kids love it. By the way My Republican won the first game,
which soon sparked a challenge for a new game.

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We didn't use the online map much. We tried it for one game but
honestly when we are playing board games I'm just happy to get
the kids away from electronics for awhile so I didn't feel it was
really needed. It might be something  you early elementary kids might
want to click on as you go with directions. Would be a great start
to working on finding and getting to know states. 

I think you would enjoy the game too.

If you would like to see more reviews on the presidential game.
Click the graphic below.


Warm Blessings,

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