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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Prayers...By a Homeschool Mother

School has begun and my children and I have been working
hard for the last two weeks. It feels like we never stopped to take
a summer break. There is much to do when you school at home. As
mom and teacher you have so many things to manage. At first I struggled
with it. We had been on a really relaxed schedule to now a pretty rigid one
but through it all I know that I am doing the right thing for my kids. I would
hope that I wouldn't have to have it any other way.


When I see the neighbor kids getting on the bus in the early AM
I am grateful that mine are still asleep snug in their beds. When they
wake up I can make them a nutritional meal and spend time with them
in your word. I breathe in Your name and Thank you for that gift.
As we sit and work through our lessons and the kids laugh and
chatter away. I know that you are with us.  Schooling at home is such
a great gift for my kids and for me too. I watch my son as he animatedly
talks with has hands while he stands on his chair and tells  about the great
book he just read. That love of learning so alive Lord. That need you gave us
to learn and to strive for wisdom. We spend every moment Lord together as
one day they will grow and leave the home. Mom and dad will be way less
important. I thank you Lord for these blessings. Being able to watch them
grow and change has been so amazing. People have said Lord that I coddle
them to much or that they will not be exposed to the world. Lord from what
you tell us in the bible I am glad they don't have to be exposed to the world so
young. I'm not going to lie here God you see and know that everyday isn't roses.
Some days end in tears. Some days are so difficult I think I  couldn't possibly
do it again. Sometimes I don't like who I am as their mother but God you have
me. You hold me strong and give me faith and the grace to make it through.
I just wanted to send this prayer to You so that You know that I appreciate this
gift. That even on those days that are so hard I don't think I can breathe. It
is still a blessing. You are my all Jesus. You are my everything . My
hope is that I can instill the love I have for you in my children. All of
this would be so worth it to me to send Your name through our heritage.
Thank you Jesus . Thank you.

In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Your student,



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