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Monday, September 16, 2013

People Keys Student Binder

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I was given by the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my
honest review the Student Keys Student Binder package from People Keys.
A $49.00 Value. "People keys has spent 25 years studying human behavior
strengths and personal preferences. "

People keys is there to help your student who is transitioning from high
school to college. It helps them realize Career choices, how to set goals,
leadership qualities needed for the work place, teaches teens how they
communicate, how they can be aware of their personality traits so that they
can work better with those around them and  develop test taking skills.
All of which are needed for success in their life as they move forward.

I used the Student Keys binder with my 16 year old daughter. I also
admit to lightly filling in some of the blanks with a pencil later after
she did hers in pen so I could see what mine were. I will talk about both
here in my review so you can get a better understanding.

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As I mentioned above I received the student Binder. This is a
a complete package of 6 workbooks from people keys.

The Personality Workbook- Find your personality style, strengths,
limitations and motivations. It also helps them realize the diversity
of those around them and how they will be able to relate to other
people with the personality style they have been graced with.

The Perceptual Learning Style Workbook- Allows the teen to look
into how they perceive information through their senses. Are they
auditory, visual, or Kinesthetic? Which style of learning do they
learn the best/

The Cognitive Thinking Style Workbook- How a student absorbs
information. Are they literal, theoretical or experiential.

The Values Style Workbook - What are your eternal motivators?
Are you loyal? Do you need personal freedom? These all effect
how you make decisions in your life.

The Career Choice Workbook- This book matches Career to your
personality style. How would your style work in the work place.

The Goal Setting Workbook- Learn how to set realistic goals.
Learn who you are and then how to apply what you know about

I have to first say that doing these workbooks is a lot of fun. I'm not
sure it is an exact science but it is a good resource for learning more about
who you are and who you would like to become. It has been helpful
in knowing and finding your strengths so that you can build on those. It also
is good to take a look at your weakness so that you may work on
improving those areas and become more aware of them.


Personality workbook works on the DISC profile. People are predictably
different. They act and react in to different environments. There are four
types of  people in our society. D style or Dominate, I style or Influencing,
S style or stable and steady, and C style Compliant. These help determine if
you  are passive, active, a task person or a people person.

You can be more than one of these but you will be higher in one over the
other so you may have a combo code like I, C which is me Influencing and
steady. My daughter took the test and found that she is a Dominating personality
honestly I knew that but I'm not sure she did. Here is a little of what we learned
about each of our personalities. First Princess.

She is an active intense and  Aggressive person.
She is quick to anger. She is a good problem solver, risk taker and
argumentative and pushy. It says she doesn't like routine but honesty
with her learning disabilities she really does need that routine for success.
She is demanding, competitive, responsible, strong willed, independent,
organizer, places high value on her time, oversteps authority and is self
absorbed (aren't most teenagers) . She is a visionary, A doer a dominator.
She loves it when you are brief and direct, ask what not how questions,
and suggests way to problem solve. She has difficulty understanding you
when your ramble or repeat yourself. (which I do all the time) Focus on the
problem not the solution, make generalizations(which I also do)
and make statements without support which sometimes happens here.
The reason I added my comments to the difficulties is because the two
of us often have trouble understanding each other so this was a wonderful
exercise for me to see how we relate to each other. And since I had those
moments of wow I thought it was a good idea for this one if I did mine too.

Here are my results.... I am a verbal and persuasive person. I respond with
negotiations and apologize quickly. I am joyful and optimistic. I am talkative
(ha had that on every report card since I was little) emotional , trusting,
a good encourager, a problem solver and listener. My biggest fear is rejection
and folks it is. I am sociable, warm, creative, motivated, a people person,
I have a short attention span (yep) , I am motivated by approval, I like
freedom from rules and regulations (yes that is soo true)  I am an extrovert
an Optimist and a persuader. Which are all truth. I usually can talk people
into getting what I want from the conversations . Sorry its true. I want
to do things in a fun way and learn by sharing experiences. I have difficulty
understanding people who do all the talking, eliminate social time, ignore
ideas and accomplishments, tell me what to do ( again yep) and
give me detailed work. That is true to I don't like it when I have to many
constraints on a project. I like to be creative and get more into a project
when it isn't limited. So there you have it.

Perceptual Learning Style

Perceptual learning style is how you receive and perceive information.
These are styles that can work for you in your study skills. It is also helpful
if you know the learning style of the person you are working with such as
a parent, professor or boss. So that you can adjust for everyone to be able
to fully get the  most out of what your are working on.

The three learning styles are ....

Auditory learners- use of voice, ears, and verbal expression
Visual learners- see the words written, illustrations, and clearly described
in written works helps the person to learn.
Kinesthetic learner- touch, physical an active learner.

This is a tough one in our learning environment here at home because
I am a visual learner, my son 13 is auditory, my daughter 16 is kinesthetic,
my son age 7 is Kinesthetic and I am Text Visual. With such a mix teaching can
be difficult at times. Especially since I don't match any of their learning styles.
I don't want to give away to much of the information in the workbook so
I won't go into detail this time of what the books says for us to do. But
it gives you information on how you learn best, what you are sensitive too,
your strengths, what might keep you from learning, what to do during lectures,
what to do while you study, and while you take tests.

You are also given a learners toolbox chart of ways that will work for
your particular learning style. Many creative suggestions here.

It also gave a few career suggestions which I thought was interesting.
mine are writer, interior designer, visual artist , and photography to name a few.
These are all things I have an interest in. My daughters they actually matched
her interests were craftsman and Chef.

There is also a fabulous section on how to design a learning environment
that works best with your style of learning. This was one of my favorite
of the six books.

Cognitive Thinking

To learn your thinking style you want to look at four different types
of thinkers......

Literal Thinkers- Practical, organized, factual and efficient
Intuitive Thinkers- imaginative, sentimental , perceptive and adaptable.
Theoretical Thinkers- Analytical, logical, deliberate and through.
Experiential Thinkers- curious, realistic, innovative and challenging.

My daughter is a literal thinker. She likes her workspace organized
She is direct and to the point, Views things as far as usefulness, takes
people at their word and likes to complete a task before moving on.
She is hands on , dedicated worker, precise, genuine and organized to
name a few. I am a Intuitive thinker.

Along with each style you will learn your general characteristics,
where your thinking excels, where you are limited , how you work
in a group environment and how you work alone. You will get feedback
on how to improve your learning such as for my daughter it suggests
before she works on a project to look for examples of it
so she has a guide to her project. It tells her to ask for feedback from
her leader as she goes through her project. It suggests she gets others
to put things in writing and to be flexible.

Your values determine who you choose as friends, how you work when
there is tension , the careers you choose and your hobbies. Values
help you to decide on certain decisions and how you relate them to
your life. The values test is broken into four groups loyalty, equality,
personal freedom and justice. You can have value in all four of these
areas but at varying degrees. For example Princess  is a very loyal person
so she ranked at 38 which means she is precise and likes to follow the rules
She ranked higher in quality , little lower in personal freedom  and
medium in Justice level. Each one of the levels gives you examples of
where you are on the levels chart. Then you can look at it and choose
the one you have the highest value.  You will learn your personal
limitations and ways to help you understand others values and how
to adapt for better understanding of the people around you. I have to
admit this one was a little confusing to me. It was fun but I didn't
find a whole lot that would be of value to our self exploration but
perhaps different tests work for different people. Just like the tests
point out your personal likes, dislike and ways to relate to others.

Career Choice
It is really helpful to have taken the personality test first to find
the place on the DISC profile . In the personality test they gave they
listed a few jobs that would match your personality. Doing the personality
test first helps you to know how you will work in a particular occupation.
What ways you will communicate with workers , how you will resolve
conflicts and other differences. Then you are given a test for your occupation
style which really matches up with your personality test. After that you
are given a list of jobs that would work best for you. Princess
found that she would work best in a school, as a contractor, an
announcer, as a judge or a lawyer to name a few. There are many more
on her list. Toward the back of the workbook there are is a list of
career clusters. In each cluster ...say Business office a few jobs are listed
with the personality trait beside them so you can really see which
areas would be right for you. This is a neat tool to help young kids
figure out what they want to do with the rest  of your life. Once you
choose at least three career choices then you want to work in
the workbook for setting your goals.

Goal Setting
Princess requested I don't go into her goals. She felt it was to personal
just yet till she makes changes and makes decisions about her future.
This workbooks seemed as if it was still a work in progress for her.
However you will learn in this book about your past and future self,
specific goals, managing obstacles, prioritizing , deciding and setting goals.

 Overall I felt like the workbooks were extremely helpful. Princess has
been very unsure of her likes and abilities. This was a nice foundation
to show her , her choices. People keys does sell the workbooks separately
but I would suggest ordering the entire package. It is more comprehensive
in its value to your student.

If you would like to read more people keys reviews please click
the graphic below.


Warm Blessings ,

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