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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mixing Color and Fish Collage


Welcome again to  Virtual Refrigerator Art. The
virtual Refrigerator has changed. You will now be able to
link on Thursday on either hosts blog. You can link here or visit the
other four bloggers and you can link at either weblog. Simple enough.


This week in our Art time we tried using primary and secondary
colors. I put out a paint pan of only Yellow, blue, and red paint.
We tried mixing the paint within our painting. The idea was to
create an animal but my son got so involved in mixing the colors
that he almost forgot the animal. You can see he ended up with a
black bird there on a post. (Spirit age 7)

My little one also wanted to paint Sweet Pea age 4 and this what she
did. She told me that the red that looks like crosses with circles on top
are flowers. I loved that. I like the bold red and black together.

We took a look at The Fish by Alexander Calder. Alexander's fish is a
wire sculpture. We drew ours onto flat board and then glued on collage
items. We have a lot of collage items at home so I was surprised at the
choices my son choose. I expected a bit more. I guess because I would
love to make one myself. Maybe I should. 

We had a fun time with our art this week and that is the main
goal for me with art. I want the kids to enjoy doing and enjoy
seeing it. Process not product.

Enjoy the hop... Don't forget to link up.

Warm Blessings.



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