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Friday, September 6, 2013

Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again by Greene Bark Press- Review

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I was given in exchange for my review by the  Schoolhouse Review Crew
 the children's board book Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again
from Greene Bark Press. Green Bark Press is a family owned publishing
company located in Allen Town Pennsylvania. Greene Bark only publishes
books that they feel are colorful and of value to families.

Look Left, Look Right, Look Left again. Is a board book written by
Ginger Pate and Illustrated by Rhett Ransom Pennell. This book is
all about learning about being safe when crossing the street. This is
such an important story that I wanted to tell you one of my own first.

When my oldest son was little one day we had gone to his grandpas to
visit. He lives in a little developed housing area. His home is right along
the street. We had gone to visit and parking is terrible there so we had
to park our car across the street. I wasn't feeling well and had gone to
the car. Dad was on the other side talking to Pop when Superboy
suddenly decided he wanted to come to the car. Now normally this
street is bare but today .... Well needless to say Superboy ran out
in front of a mini van. My heart stopped. I jumped out of the car
and just yelled. There was nothing I could do to stop what I
thought was about to happen. I suppose the driver heard me yell
because my son we very little and he managed to slow down enough
that Superboy made it past. I hugged my son and cried. I felt sick
to my stomach for a few days. God had spared him. Even in a
very rural area it is so important to teach children the value of safety.

Now I have another story for you with not the best ending but still
better than what could have happened. When my mom was a little
girl. Her little dog ran out into the road and she ran after him and
was hit by a car. She had some broken bones and was bandaged up.
Now the little dog was not hit or harmed but my mom was.
She completely healed and had me but imagine if she had been
harmed there would be no me, none of my children but thankfully
she was able to heal.

This cute little book is just what you need to help you avoid
the above scenarios. Practice makes perfect.

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Look left, Look Right, Look left again is for children ages 3-8.
The value of the book is $8.50. The book is in a sturdy board book
fashion. Very good quality for little ones to carry around with them.

The story is based on a little duck family. The young ducks name
is Wally Waddlewater. Wally makes a Birthday card for his
Grandmother. Wally wants to go to town to mail his letter.
He starts to cross the street when .... Honk Honk.... Quack Quack.
A car comes rushing by with a cute little gorilla behind the wheel.
Wally's mama pulls him back along the road and explains to him
the rules. First you Look Left, Then you Look Right, and Then
Left again. Mama tells him he will have to practice before he
is able to cross the street himself. His mama then helps him
cross the street to mail his card. Wally soon has lots of practice
as a friends ball rolls into the street and Mama tells him to stop.
Later a fire truck rolls by and Mama teaches him to wait. As
Wally reaches town the traffic becomes so busy Wally wonders
how he is ever going to cross the street. His mama shows him
how the cross walk works and the stoplights. They also have the
Opportunity to practice crossing at a railroad crossing.

The big question is by the end of the story will Mama let Wally
cross the street alone? Has he learned enough to get there safely?

I read this story to my two youngest ones. My girl is 4 and my son
is 7. Never to young or old to learn safety. We sat together and read
the story in a relaxed environment. We had a few chances to practice
crossing the street. Spirit went to the neighbors to play and he has
to cross the road. I sit on the porch and when he is ready to come back
he is to wave so we can practice together getting back safely.

Princess is still working on being safe. She is at the argumentative age
where she doesn't think she needs anyone's help. Mommy has to
sometimes insist that she has it until she is old enough to know .

Recently we went on a train ride and the kids had lots of
practice looking left and looking right. They learned first
because we had to cross the road from the parking lot. And then
we took some photos on the tracks and practiced looking first
before we crossed. It was so great to have that added to this book
just for this trip.

I do wish that included would be discussion on how to maneuver
a parking lot. This is always an issue when we go out. Little ones
should walk slowly and before they walk behind a car check the
divers seat to make sure the car is not about to move. My son
takes Karate in a busy mall parking lot and there are times he felt
secure along the cars that he wanted to run past them. It is never
safe to do that of course. I had to teach him to look at the cars,
focus and pay attention to his surrounding. All very good lessons.

If you would like to read more about this book from Greene Bark
you can click the graphic below. You may also want to stop by
and see what else Greene Bark has to offer. They have other
books for varying ages, educational games , puzzles and toys.


Warm Blessings,

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