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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Logic of English -The Rhythm of Handwriting- Review

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I was given in exchange for my honest review from the  Old Schoolhouse Review
 the book The Rhythm of Handwriting Manuscript from  Logic of English.
 An $18.00 Value in physical Book form.

The Rhythm of Handwriting is a multisensory approach to beginning handwriting.
It begins with large motor skill movements before a child even begins using
pencil to paper. Your child is taught how to develop the nature muscle memory
needed to form their letters. It teaches when to pause so they are not struggling
through pausing and causing their writing to be formed incorrectly. In order
to create mastery the letters are ordered by their initial strokes. These are
Straight letters, Drop-Swoop letters, Down letters, roll letters, slant letters,
kick letters, cross letters, and upper case letters. The curriculum begins teaching
lower case letters before the upper case because lower case is 90% of what
we read and write. Once children learn the lower case letters then they are
presented the upper case and how to use them appropriately in their writing.

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I used The Rhythm of Handwriting with my 7 year old. This is perfect for
children beginning to write. The language used Is easy to understand
and instructions are easy to use. We use the handwriting lessons daily for
about 15 minutes per session keeping our work time shorter. The book
suggests starting out showing the child the phonetic flash cards.
We were not provided with these so what I did  was just use the picture of the
card within the student workbook. The book then suggests using the phonetic
sound and teaching that to your child. My  son is reading along at this point but
still has formation issues with is letters.  On occasion he is still doing some
common reversals for his age. I would  model the letter to him on my wipe
board using the verbal terminology as we worked. Words like straight , bump,
kick, cross, slash, circle and so one.  We  would then practice writing the letter
in the sky and then on his wipe board. Rhythm writing provides other writing
games to play along with your child  besides sky writing. Such as speed
writing, letter dictation and foot writing. (This kids love foot writing by the way)

Your child begins writing on a large handwriting chart. These are great.
I love the large motor skill version of it. Usually children begin writing
large. This gives them permission to do so filling their page with the letter
they are working on. There are letter points presented in a 1, 2 ... 3 manor.
Then your child is able to try out the writing in various sizes.

Writing for my kids has always been a challenge. Dad has dyslexia and
the children have seemed to pick up some form of writing difficulties. I have
one child with dysgraphia as well. Using the large motor skills through games
and words helps my children think through what they are about to do .
Before you know it it becomes natural to them with out the hesitation and
then crying  sometimes ensues. This natural flow of writing is really what
I have been looking for. I wish I had found it before I struggled with
my dysgraphia child. I like how the manuscript form of writing blends into
what cursive will be one day be for them. It give a basis for the turns
and curves of that style of writing. We recommend Rhythm of
handwriting. I didn't see to many down sides to it, however I did wish
that I had a teacher guide to go along with it.

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Warm Blessings,

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