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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day... A day of Rest...

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Labor day. That you
took the time to take a day of rest. For us it marked the end of summer.
We had a membership this summer at our local pool and we loved it.
I was sad to see it end. The kids were sad to see it end too.

We spent the day at our pool. Playing and hanging out with friends.
When we first started going I thought it would just be a place
to swim but we found a new sort of family. We exchanged numbers
and said our goodbyes. I for one enjoyed our time outside soaking
in the sun. We just don't get out like we should. 

We went at about 1 and stayed till almost 6. The pool gave away
free passes for next year and snack bar gift certificates every hour.
The kids played hard and at 5 we had free snow cones. A DJ was present
and the kids danced to the chicken dance, the gummy bear song,
YMCA , the Hokey Pokey and many others like those.

God tells us that we are to work hard. That are days should be
filled with work but we are told to take a day of rest as well
and that is what Labor day is for ... I hope you took your rest.

Now as we look forward to what is ahead we look toward the
start of school, all the new things the kids are starting and
autumn coming in fast. I noticed today when I looked out my
kitchen window many yellow leaves from our walnut tree.
There are still a lot of green leaves but you can feel it in the air
in the evening and see the beginning signs. Soon we will be
having apple cider and sitting at football games.

The seasons go and times just keep moving. We are
ready to begin a new book to our lives.

Warm Blessings,




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