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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Scream , You Scream , We all Scream for Ice Cream!!!


I scream ! You scream! We all Scream for Ice
Cream! Who doesn't like Ice Cream. I wanted
to do something fun and special on our first day
of school, which we started last week. We
had a great time over the summer and wanted
to end it with something commemorating our
summer fun. Ice cream sounded like the
obvious choice.

I began by reading this book that I found at our
local library. This book worked perfectly for
my preschooler. The book is called Ice Cream
by Jez Alborough. You can find the book
here on Amazon. This book is about a bear who
loves ice cream. He falls asleep one winter day
and wakes to find his ice cream cupboard bare.
Soon his luck changes because it starts snowing
ice cream. He gets into some trouble as he builds
these great big ice cream balls. A really cute story
for little ones to read. Sweet pea asked me to read
it several times. It was simple and enjoyable. What
fun to imagine it snowing ice cream.  

With my second grader we read this book Ice Cream

by Gail Gibbons. I love Gail Gibbons books. They are so
through on a topic. It took us through the history of ice
cream and then showed us how it was made. Fabulous book.
A bit much for a preschooler which was why I looked for
an alternate book for her.

Both of the little ones made ice cream papers. I pre cut cones
and ice cream scoops for them to choose from. They
glued them together and then added glitter sprinkles,
pom pom cherries and gems sparkles.

After that we decided to make some ice cream in a bag.
We used this recipe from Classroom Freebies.

What I liked about this was the pictures for my preschooler so
she could help follow along. If you would like the printable
please go to classroom freebies. There are a lot of other
resources there as well. So stop and look around.

Here are my sons shaking their bags. Sweet Pea
needed a lot of help shaking hers.

Here is Princess shaking hers while at her laptop.

One tip with the ice cream bags. When they are formed and
ready to eat. Take the ice cream bag out of the large gallon
bag and wash it off in the sink. If you don't wash it off your
ice cream gets a little bit of a salty taste from the salt to
melt the ice. We learned this the hard way.

If you are searching for more ideas on ice cream stop
by my pinterest page and check out the Ice Cream Unit.

Warm Blessings,



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