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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Book Nook- Simply Delicious Amish Cooking

When I was a little girl. My dad would take me every year to our  local
fair grounds to a hospital fate. There were rides, games and food. My
favorite part of the fate was the book nook. It was a huge arena of used books
for sale and we always came out with arm loads of books to read. This is why
I decided to call my book reviews the Book Nook. I hope you enjoy
learning about new books for the young and old alike.

I was given by Book Sneeze the book  Simply Delicious Amish Cooking
in exchange for my honest review. I do not receive any other compensation
other than the book itself. I received the spiral copy which is a $12.18 value.
There is also a Kindle version available for $7.99

I live in an Amish region. About an hour from my home you will find
Amish in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Many of the recipes we have
with in our family are Pennsylvania dutch but nothing compares to Amish
cooking. Although I have found that many of the recipes of PA dutch and
Amish mirror one another. Perhaps they are one in the same or have gotten
mixed over time being so closely related in region. None of this I have any
information about. I'll have to research to see if they mean the same thing.

Anyway when I saw Booksneeze had an Amish cookbook for review I was
all in. I love the Amish culture. I read all the books I can get on the topic.
I am thinking this would be a great book to have if you are studying
with your homeschool children about the Amish communities. It would
be fun to try some of the recipes with your kids.

 This book is written by Sherry Gore. She is the editor- in-chief of
Cooking and Such magazine and weekly scribe for national edition of the 120 year
old Amish newspaper , The Budget. She is a year round resident of Sarasota
Flordia , the vacation paradise for the plain people. She has three children and is
a member of Beachy Amish Mennonite church. She's a caregiver to her twenty
something daugher, a sunday school teacher , a cooking show host and an offical
pie judge.

Sarasota Florida is a vacation paradise for the plain  community.
Simply Delicious Amish cooking is a collection of 100's of the best handpicked
recipes. There are full color photos along with the recipes that represent the
Amish and Mennonite people. Inside the pages you will also find a journal
of this way of life. I loved how this was set up as a read and a cookbook.

My favorite recipes were potato soup which was much like how we
make it but there was one added ingredient that made it all that much better.
We ended up with an empty pot and not left overs. We  made another batch
the following week.

I can't wait to try Amish Potato cakes, Ham and Cheese Delight,
Superbowl Stromboli and Three layer Strawberries and cream cake. Yumm

I review for BookSneeze®

Warm Blessings,


Weekly Finds

My Favorite Find this week is a Preschool Bible Curriculum Called....

God's Little Explorers

This Curriculum takes you through the basic bible stories using the letters
of the Alphabet as the basis. I have found that some of the activities
are to hard for my preschooler or they don't apply to what we are doing.
At those times I just supplement with something else. Otherwise the curriculum
has been absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend it's use.

I haven't been doing a lot of searching lately. We have been
doing some major house clean out. Instead of the term "Spring Cleaning"
it has been a "Fall clean out". So this is all I have for this week but
more will be forthcoming soon.

Warm Blessings,


Friday, September 27, 2013

Random 5

The Pebble Pond

This week we did a lot but for some reason I didn't take many
pictures this week but I will still tell you my random 5.

1. We rearranged our living room. I love our new set up. At first
I didn't think I'd like it but once we got the room figured out and
the decorations set. I loved it. I also loved that for once I could clean
under and behind things. Which is always difficult to do when your
rooms are fairly small. (Old farm house)

2. On Tuesday we went to a local park day. At first we didn't
meet anyone we connect with but soon one family came a little
late and had kids the same ages as my kids. This was such a blessing
and the kids got out for some much needed outdoor time.

3. This week we also went on one of our park walks. If you have
read any of my random 5 posts you know we like to walk trails
at various state parks. My 4 year old walked a 1.5 mile hike.
Pretty awesome if you ask me.

4. The weather is getting cooler here in PA and we even found
some acorns and the first colored fall leaves. I'm gearing up for
apple cider, pumpkins and everything fall.

5. This week my son tested for his orange belt test. He will
know the results next week. I probably shouldn't post that without
knowing the results yet but he was awarded with a special ticket
to attend a black belt club class. He was so excited.

Warm Blessings,



See it Say it Flip Flop Spanish

 photo flipfloplogo2_zps6d551453.jpg

As a participant of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I was given
in exchange for my honest Review See it Say it Flip Flop Spanish
By Flip Flop Learning a $99.95 Value. This Curriculum includes...

* Three Sets of Flash Cards

*Four Audio CD's

*White Board Paddle

*Complete Scripted Lesson plans

Your lesson guide comes ready with holes to place in a three ring binder.
Along with plastic protector pages so that you can keep you Cd's right
with your notebook. I placed pencil pockets in the front for the flash cards
so that I could keep it all together and the white board paddle fit nicely
in the front pocket of our 3 ring binder.

 photo seeItSayItSpanishCover_zpsb1e91d92.jpg

Flip Flop Spanish if for Ages 3-99 years of age. Just about everyone
can learn it. This I was excited about because I know very little Spanish
but wanted to teach it to my children. It is really hard to teach something
you really don't know. This Curriculum has made it easy for the parent.

This is a 2 year Spanish curriculum. You can complete lessons 1-12
your first semester, 13-22 second semester, 23-34 third semester and
then 35-45 your fourth semester. Each semester allows for a week break.
Each one of the lessons should last you one week. You can work longer
or less time depending on your ability. You will want to work on Spanish
about three times per week. However you may need to work on the
flash cards that are difficult for your child more often for retention.

Lesson are set up so younger and older children can learn Spanish with
only your CD's and Flash cards. The first and second day the lessons are
done with the CD. The guide is simple to follow for each lesson. You simply...

1. Read the manual- Each lesson is about 2 pages long with visuals
to make setting up easy.

2. Pick out the cards- Go through your cards and pick out the ones needed

3. Push play and follow the instructions you hear.

Along with the instructions you can choose some games on the
Flip Flop Website. My kids enjoyed the bingo game.

How we used it:

We used flip flop Spanish as suggested by the publisher 3 times per week
doing one lesson per week. I was able to teach the Spanish course
with my children ages, 4, 7, 13, and 16.  I personally do not know much
about teaching Spanish so I would work one or two lessons myself ahead
of the children.  I thought my younger children would need to work at
a slower pace than the older ones but I found that my younger children
actually had an easier time remembering the words. We worked through
the lessons as a family and have had fun speaking in Spanish while we
are out and about.

I personally liked that lesson planning was made simple. I didn't have to
do a lot of work to prepare other than gathering the appropriate cards
for my students. The cards came in three different packages Green (verde),
 blue (Azul) and Red (rojo). I tried keeping the packages of card separate for
easy use but it didn't really seem to matter . So they ended up in one bag.
Planning is made easy. This is refreshing with all the other subjects a
child needs to work on in a day. It really gave me a break in the way the
curriculum is set up. It was like having a Spanish teacher right in my
home. I admit I am not usually a flash card gal. I'm a hands on learner.
however with not knowing Spanish myself this became an alternative to
teaching them something new. Once I became familiar with the curriculum
and with some of the words I was able to add some of my own hands
on experiences for the kids. We played a game of twister to help us
learn some of the colors which they wanted to know after seeing the
titles of the flash card packages.

Basically you gather your notebook. Put in the Cd. Set out your flash
cards and begin. First you show them a picture , then identify the word,
touch it and then repeated it when the instructor on the Cd asks you to.
Right away your children will be able to form sentences by placing
cards together. Most of the lessons follow the same structure learn
the words, make a sentence, test what you learned, play a game and
write what you know. Pretty easy format. The lessons are short maybe
20-30 minutes long depending on how long you want to spend on it
practicing. I have no prior experience with Spanish but I found the
curriculum easy to use and my kids are learning a basic foundation.

If you are a parent who doesn't know Spanish but would like to
teach it to your children than this is probably the curriculum for you.
Very easy to use and with the CD you can't mess up the pronunciations.


Warm Blessings,

 photo Disclaimer2_zpsff718028.gif
Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mixing Color and Fish Collage


Welcome again to  Virtual Refrigerator Art. The
virtual Refrigerator has changed. You will now be able to
link on Thursday on either hosts blog. You can link here or visit the
other four bloggers and you can link at either weblog. Simple enough.


This week in our Art time we tried using primary and secondary
colors. I put out a paint pan of only Yellow, blue, and red paint.
We tried mixing the paint within our painting. The idea was to
create an animal but my son got so involved in mixing the colors
that he almost forgot the animal. You can see he ended up with a
black bird there on a post. (Spirit age 7)

My little one also wanted to paint Sweet Pea age 4 and this what she
did. She told me that the red that looks like crosses with circles on top
are flowers. I loved that. I like the bold red and black together.

We took a look at The Fish by Alexander Calder. Alexander's fish is a
wire sculpture. We drew ours onto flat board and then glued on collage
items. We have a lot of collage items at home so I was surprised at the
choices my son choose. I expected a bit more. I guess because I would
love to make one myself. Maybe I should. 

We had a fun time with our art this week and that is the main
goal for me with art. I want the kids to enjoy doing and enjoy
seeing it. Process not product.

Enjoy the hop... Don't forget to link up.

Warm Blessings.


Count Your Blessings

I have been through many trials as I am sure many of you have as well.
There was a time where I didn't know what to say to God anymore. I was
having a hard time praying anything. One thing after another after another
kept falling into my lap. People would say things to me like God only gives
you would you can handle. I'd cry out God please stop I can't handle more.
God said no. He said you can handle more. So I was a little angry. It was more
than I wanted but lets face it God is God. I love Him. He is my Savior. So
not talking to Him wasn't an option for me. So I started God Thank you
for the light today. The sun is so warm and God Thank you that I am
breathing and feeling that fresh air. So little so little. It was hard at times
to find anything. I had to dig very deep but soon. I had a list of Thanksgivings
to God. I soon realized that when I looked they were everywhere. And
in this way God helped me through it. He helped by showing me that there
was so much more than that problem or this problem. I was so happy
when A Good Life decided to start Counting Blessings Each Thursday.
You can link up at her website if you want to join in.

 photo CountingBlessings.jpg


1. God Blessed me with the idea for the Creation Wheels and the little ones got it.
One of them said... We are making a Garden and I thought YES!!!

2. Growing Groups with many children.


1. Long walk at our local State Park. We walked 1.5 miles and the preschooler
made it the entire way around. So amazing. I love walking in the fall it is
the perfect time to go.

2. Pancakes and eggs for Breakfast

3. Bunny Club and the excitement of the boys about this new thing.

4. Karate Orange belt test and my son receiving a special ticket to
black belt club. He is so excited about that.

5. Watching movies late at night with my 16 year old when the rest
of the kids are in bed.

6. Reorganized living room and cleaning out.

7. Pumpkins, gourds, Indian Corn and all our Autumn decorations.

8. Hugs from Spirit and Sweet Pea.

9. Picture of Heart my  mom found that looks just like Sweet pea.

10. Kids dancing around the house singing B-I-B-L-E


1. My 2nd grader is writing more and more.

2. The Great questions that have come from our Science lessons lately.

3. My 7th grader doing a lot of his work on his own.

4. Grammar with my 7th grader as he answered he was a pirate,
then a vampire, than a raspy voice guy , then a high pitched voice,
and then he cheered after each one. :)

5. Bread Mold.

6. Music lessons and doggie doggie. The kids dancing and then
finding the dogs bone.  More on this later.

Warm Blessings,


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Presidential Game

 photo logo_zpse414894c.jpg

Along with the School House Review Crew I as given the
Presidential Game in exchange for my honest review a  $35. Value.
This is what is included with the game. 1 20 x 30 in. game board,
1 score pad, 3 blue dice, 3 red dice, 80 politics cards, 40 write- your
own politics cards, 150 republican votes (red chips), 150 Democrat votes
(blue chips), 1 Electoral webmap Calculator plus  Access Code.

This game is for children 11 years and older. Although some more
mature 10 year olds may be able to grasp the game as well.

 photo GameImage_zps8848e8d7.jpg

My two older children played this game together. Superboy age 13
and Princess age 16. I supervised and helped with directions the first
few times. Till they got the hang of it.

The Object of the game is to win the Presidential Election. You have
to capture 270 of the 535 electoral votes. A team can have more than
the 270 votes during the game. The team at the end that has at least the
270 votes wins the game.

First thing we had to do was decide who was republican and who was
democratic. We are not push politics in our home so they just each
took one. Princess Democrat and Superboy Republican. Each team
then has to decided how many weeks until the election. 30 weeks takes
about an hour to play. This would mean  each team has 30 turns.
We went with the suggested 30 weeks. It took us a little over an hour
but with any game there was much talking and laughing through it.

Each chip is 1 vote. You get your votes by rolling the dice and by choosing
politics cards. Each state at anytime can change who has the higher vote.
Say since I live in PA. PA could be either Democrat ,Republican or Neutral.
So for example if there are no votes in PA and Superboy adds 3 chips on his
roll then PA will be Republican. Then on Princess turn if she wants to put
5 chips. She would take away Superboys and gain control of that state. Now
that state is Democratic.  Now to decide which chips go on which state
you have to announce which three states you are campaigning.  You roll
the three dice of your color and then divide out your votes by what each dice
reads. So if I roll a 3, 2, and 6 those would be my votes to put on the states
I campaign. Pretty fun. The kids were yelling and cheering as they took
over different states. It became rather competitive .

Some states allow you to fundraise. There are 4 that let you do that.
California, New York , Florida and Texas. If on your turn you wish to
fundraise then you announce that and which state you are fundraising in.
You roll your dice and count out the total on the dice. Half of that has to
go to the state your choose. The rest can be divided and given to different
states of your choosing. After you decide where your votes go you
then choose a politics card.

You can use your politics card right away or save it for another turn.
Some must be used right away if they say play immediately. Used
cards are returned to the bottom. The politics cards are fun . More
of the cards than not are advances to your game but there are some
that say that your opponent gets the votes. Here is an example of how
one of the cards reads...  " Your opponent wears loafers to a fundraiser
at the National Cowboy Hall of fame and Western Heritage in Oklahoma
City. Add 3 votes to Oklahoma. " or this one " You are endorsed by the
Apple Ballot in Maryland Add 2 votes to Maryland."  There are also some
blank cards so that you can write your own. We haven't done that yet but
the kids have been itching to. They have some creative ideas to add.

You also have a score card so that you can keep track of your votes
and your opponents votes. + counts the votes picked up and - counts the
votes taken away on each turn.

The game ends when your weeks end that you selected at the beginning
of the game. There may be some states that are neutral, have a tie or have
not been campaigned. At this point the Neutral state is selected by the teams
with 1 die each. The highest die wins the state and the electoral votes
go to that state. If there is a tie roll you just roll again. The team with the
highest electoral votes wins.

As you play you can also use the Electoral map on the web. This
map reflects each state. You can click once to turn the state to Republican
and twice to make it Democratic. Once more to make it Neutral. At the
top of the page you can see how many votes each one has. There is a
code for getting into the map.

Now when we played the kids had a great time and it really helped
them to realize the process. There were a lot of questions about if this
is how a president is really chosen and I was able to talk with them
more about that in a relaxed atmosphere. I always find it interesting
how play sparks these type of questions and brings learning into their
everyday. It is games like this one that help the educator. We had a
lot of fun playing and it has became a favorite lately on our family
game nights. As it becomes colder we do those more regularly. The
kids love it. By the way My Republican won the first game,
which soon sparked a challenge for a new game.

 photo GameImage_zps8848e8d7.jpg

We didn't use the online map much. We tried it for one game but
honestly when we are playing board games I'm just happy to get
the kids away from electronics for awhile so I didn't feel it was
really needed. It might be something  you early elementary kids might
want to click on as you go with directions. Would be a great start
to working on finding and getting to know states. 

I think you would enjoy the game too.

If you would like to see more reviews on the presidential game.
Click the graphic below.


Warm Blessings,

 photo Disclaimer2_zpsff718028.gif
Monday, September 23, 2013

Seed Sowers- Review

 photo seedsowerslogo_zps88af9c02.jpg
With the School House Review Crew I was given the book
Seed Sowers Gospel- Planting Adventures written by Gwen
Toliver in exchange for my honest review. You can read more
about Seed Sowers at their Website.  I received a copy of the E-book
version for my Kindle.  You can purchase your own copy $13.95
soft copy, $30.95 hardback and $3.99 Kindle

About the Author- Gwen Toliver is the mother of 8 children. She
serves with the Wycliffe Associates.  This ministry was created to
support this in bible translation.  Gwen also blogs about her life and
homeschool adventures at Tolivers to Texas.

 photo seedsowers_zpsfab02814.gif

Here in the USA we live in a world where we are busy. We pass out
our time as if it means very little. We busy ourselves with cleaning our
homes, running errands, driving to music lessons and just busyness.
As Christians we sometimes miss the mark in that busyness. It takes our
time away from all that is important. God is our number one. He should
always be our number one. We forget all to often with the luxuries that we are
given. We take for granted fresh water and food on our tables. Cozy
heated homes and air conditioning. We have locks on our doors and locks
on our cars. We feel safe in a world that isn't always safe.

 We sit down each day and read our bibles. In fact many of us
have more than one bible. My children are gifted with several versions
of the bible. Beginning with picture books all the way to study bibles.
Yet there are those in our world that have never read the gospel. Never
know of God's love for us and never learn of his salvation.

Each day we have struggles. We get frustrated and tired but
we can always come to the Lord. We have Him to hold us up and
lead our hearts. Yet there are those in this world that know none of this.

Yes, we take things for granted. There are people who die for
the words in our Good book. They smuggle his word written on sheets
of toilet paper. The receiver has only that from God that one gift
those precious words hold Him and he longs to read more.

That folks is what missionaries do. They put their lives on hold
they go out and put themselves in danger just to pass along God's
word. They are the true hero's of today. Not your typical super hero
or your corrupt movie stars or athlete's who turn out the be abusive men
or drug addict. These missionaries who walk in silence, who do not ask
for the praise of others or any recognition even from their own God.
These people are the hero's.

 photo Rogercrossingvinebridge_zpse18f5088.jpg

Seed Sowers takes you for a walk through the jungles of Indonesia and the mountains
of Peru. They take you through a journey of a life that you can not comprehend.
A story that feels like a fairy tale but is all to real. Those spreading God's word
dribbling seeds as they go along the way. Seeds that may be dropped in a huge
way to save another life. Their lives are wild with danger raging waterfalls,
head hunters and those who do not understand. Those that live in a world
full of fear and death. These are the people who are looking for love. Looking
for Jesus and they are the disciples to bring it to them. This book is not one
story it is many stories. Stories of those who walk the just line. Each one is
interviewed by Gwen and then in turn was turned into  many stories united
into one purpose. This book is one that you will want to read. It may change
your life. It may take you out of your race in life and really see.

 photo image001_zps384ad08d.jpg

We used the Seed Sowers book in our homeschool as a read aloud. We
used it during our morning meeting time when we typically do our
bible time. We read a few passages from the bible  and talk about it's purpose.
There are some very real life situations that may not be suitable for younger
children in the Seed Sowers. My little ones read a bible story first in their beginner
bibles and then I sent them off with a creative project to go along with it.
Then the older two read their regular verses for the morning. Then I read
from Seed Sowers. The children were captivated by the true life stories.
It helped them to realize how lucky they are to have bibles all over our home.
They realized how precious each word that is written can be to one person.
They learned of the importance of saving one life and what the meaning would
have in their own lives.

This book was hard to put down each day and provoked a lot of questions.
As the parent you may want to read ahead of time and choose those stories
for younger children that might work well for them. You will also want
to prepare for any conversations that might arise.

 photo image002_zpsa0da42aa.jpg

We thoroughly enjoyed Seed Sowers. I would suggest reading it to
Middle School to High school grades.  I may just have to get a copy
for our church library. I may also take this to your youth group.

If you would like to read more reviews on the Seed Sowers. Click
on the graphic below.

Warm Blessings,


 photo Disclaimer2_zpsff718028.gif
Sunday, September 22, 2013

Creation Wheels

In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the
Earth. Genesis 1:1

 This is a very simple craft to do with the creation story. I did
this with a group of preschoolers and Kindergarteners. We read
the story from their Beginner bibles of all the great things that God
created. These little ones have a short attention spans so I didn't
even read the pages I just pointed out things that God created and
allowed them to name things that He Created.

We also passed a ball and named things God created each time.
Most of the kids named the things from the book. 

The Creation wheels are made on foam board. I bought sheets of
board at the dollar tree. I cut them in a fairly square shape. Four
per sheet of poster board. You can then use a protractor to create
your circles or do what I did because I couldn't find one which
was find things around the house to make my perfect circles.

I then used a sharpie to draw around the circle shape to make it stand
out and wrote my bible verse around the circle. Older children can do
this part on their own. 

After that I allowed the children to glue on things I had gathered.
I found most of my items at Dollar tree. You could do a nature walk
and then come back and glue real nature items to your boards. Our
Sunday School time is limited so I used things to represent life.

Leaves, Feathers, Rocks, butterflies (scrapbook supplies), silk flowers,
sea shells, and some have wooden stars. 

I didn't put a lot of limits on it so some had all feathers and some
like the ones above had a bit more variety. It really depends on
the child. Some like to glue for a long time and have patience
and some just do not.  I allowed them to choose what they wanted
to put on them and how much time they wanted to work.

My daughter made the one on top. She ended up bring hers home
and working some more because she didn't feel like she had
enough time in Sunday School.

This could be a great craft for young and old alike.

Warm Blessings,


Monday, September 16, 2013

People Keys Student Binder

 photo peoplekeys-logo_zpse1faa0a6.jpg

I was given by the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my
honest review the Student Keys Student Binder package from People Keys.
A $49.00 Value. "People keys has spent 25 years studying human behavior
strengths and personal preferences. "

People keys is there to help your student who is transitioning from high
school to college. It helps them realize Career choices, how to set goals,
leadership qualities needed for the work place, teaches teens how they
communicate, how they can be aware of their personality traits so that they
can work better with those around them and  develop test taking skills.
All of which are needed for success in their life as they move forward.

I used the Student Keys binder with my 16 year old daughter. I also
admit to lightly filling in some of the blanks with a pencil later after
she did hers in pen so I could see what mine were. I will talk about both
here in my review so you can get a better understanding.

 photo peoplekeys-studentbinder_zpsfbfc0afc.jpg
As I mentioned above I received the student Binder. This is a
a complete package of 6 workbooks from people keys.

The Personality Workbook- Find your personality style, strengths,
limitations and motivations. It also helps them realize the diversity
of those around them and how they will be able to relate to other
people with the personality style they have been graced with.

The Perceptual Learning Style Workbook- Allows the teen to look
into how they perceive information through their senses. Are they
auditory, visual, or Kinesthetic? Which style of learning do they
learn the best/

The Cognitive Thinking Style Workbook- How a student absorbs
information. Are they literal, theoretical or experiential.

The Values Style Workbook - What are your eternal motivators?
Are you loyal? Do you need personal freedom? These all effect
how you make decisions in your life.

The Career Choice Workbook- This book matches Career to your
personality style. How would your style work in the work place.

The Goal Setting Workbook- Learn how to set realistic goals.
Learn who you are and then how to apply what you know about

I have to first say that doing these workbooks is a lot of fun. I'm not
sure it is an exact science but it is a good resource for learning more about
who you are and who you would like to become. It has been helpful
in knowing and finding your strengths so that you can build on those. It also
is good to take a look at your weakness so that you may work on
improving those areas and become more aware of them.


Personality workbook works on the DISC profile. People are predictably
different. They act and react in to different environments. There are four
types of  people in our society. D style or Dominate, I style or Influencing,
S style or stable and steady, and C style Compliant. These help determine if
you  are passive, active, a task person or a people person.

You can be more than one of these but you will be higher in one over the
other so you may have a combo code like I, C which is me Influencing and
steady. My daughter took the test and found that she is a Dominating personality
honestly I knew that but I'm not sure she did. Here is a little of what we learned
about each of our personalities. First Princess.

She is an active intense and  Aggressive person.
She is quick to anger. She is a good problem solver, risk taker and
argumentative and pushy. It says she doesn't like routine but honesty
with her learning disabilities she really does need that routine for success.
She is demanding, competitive, responsible, strong willed, independent,
organizer, places high value on her time, oversteps authority and is self
absorbed (aren't most teenagers) . She is a visionary, A doer a dominator.
She loves it when you are brief and direct, ask what not how questions,
and suggests way to problem solve. She has difficulty understanding you
when your ramble or repeat yourself. (which I do all the time) Focus on the
problem not the solution, make generalizations(which I also do)
and make statements without support which sometimes happens here.
The reason I added my comments to the difficulties is because the two
of us often have trouble understanding each other so this was a wonderful
exercise for me to see how we relate to each other. And since I had those
moments of wow I thought it was a good idea for this one if I did mine too.

Here are my results.... I am a verbal and persuasive person. I respond with
negotiations and apologize quickly. I am joyful and optimistic. I am talkative
(ha had that on every report card since I was little) emotional , trusting,
a good encourager, a problem solver and listener. My biggest fear is rejection
and folks it is. I am sociable, warm, creative, motivated, a people person,
I have a short attention span (yep) , I am motivated by approval, I like
freedom from rules and regulations (yes that is soo true)  I am an extrovert
an Optimist and a persuader. Which are all truth. I usually can talk people
into getting what I want from the conversations . Sorry its true. I want
to do things in a fun way and learn by sharing experiences. I have difficulty
understanding people who do all the talking, eliminate social time, ignore
ideas and accomplishments, tell me what to do ( again yep) and
give me detailed work. That is true to I don't like it when I have to many
constraints on a project. I like to be creative and get more into a project
when it isn't limited. So there you have it.

Perceptual Learning Style

Perceptual learning style is how you receive and perceive information.
These are styles that can work for you in your study skills. It is also helpful
if you know the learning style of the person you are working with such as
a parent, professor or boss. So that you can adjust for everyone to be able
to fully get the  most out of what your are working on.

The three learning styles are ....

Auditory learners- use of voice, ears, and verbal expression
Visual learners- see the words written, illustrations, and clearly described
in written works helps the person to learn.
Kinesthetic learner- touch, physical an active learner.

This is a tough one in our learning environment here at home because
I am a visual learner, my son 13 is auditory, my daughter 16 is kinesthetic,
my son age 7 is Kinesthetic and I am Text Visual. With such a mix teaching can
be difficult at times. Especially since I don't match any of their learning styles.
I don't want to give away to much of the information in the workbook so
I won't go into detail this time of what the books says for us to do. But
it gives you information on how you learn best, what you are sensitive too,
your strengths, what might keep you from learning, what to do during lectures,
what to do while you study, and while you take tests.

You are also given a learners toolbox chart of ways that will work for
your particular learning style. Many creative suggestions here.

It also gave a few career suggestions which I thought was interesting.
mine are writer, interior designer, visual artist , and photography to name a few.
These are all things I have an interest in. My daughters they actually matched
her interests were craftsman and Chef.

There is also a fabulous section on how to design a learning environment
that works best with your style of learning. This was one of my favorite
of the six books.

Cognitive Thinking

To learn your thinking style you want to look at four different types
of thinkers......

Literal Thinkers- Practical, organized, factual and efficient
Intuitive Thinkers- imaginative, sentimental , perceptive and adaptable.
Theoretical Thinkers- Analytical, logical, deliberate and through.
Experiential Thinkers- curious, realistic, innovative and challenging.

My daughter is a literal thinker. She likes her workspace organized
She is direct and to the point, Views things as far as usefulness, takes
people at their word and likes to complete a task before moving on.
She is hands on , dedicated worker, precise, genuine and organized to
name a few. I am a Intuitive thinker.

Along with each style you will learn your general characteristics,
where your thinking excels, where you are limited , how you work
in a group environment and how you work alone. You will get feedback
on how to improve your learning such as for my daughter it suggests
before she works on a project to look for examples of it
so she has a guide to her project. It tells her to ask for feedback from
her leader as she goes through her project. It suggests she gets others
to put things in writing and to be flexible.

Your values determine who you choose as friends, how you work when
there is tension , the careers you choose and your hobbies. Values
help you to decide on certain decisions and how you relate them to
your life. The values test is broken into four groups loyalty, equality,
personal freedom and justice. You can have value in all four of these
areas but at varying degrees. For example Princess  is a very loyal person
so she ranked at 38 which means she is precise and likes to follow the rules
She ranked higher in quality , little lower in personal freedom  and
medium in Justice level. Each one of the levels gives you examples of
where you are on the levels chart. Then you can look at it and choose
the one you have the highest value.  You will learn your personal
limitations and ways to help you understand others values and how
to adapt for better understanding of the people around you. I have to
admit this one was a little confusing to me. It was fun but I didn't
find a whole lot that would be of value to our self exploration but
perhaps different tests work for different people. Just like the tests
point out your personal likes, dislike and ways to relate to others.

Career Choice
It is really helpful to have taken the personality test first to find
the place on the DISC profile . In the personality test they gave they
listed a few jobs that would match your personality. Doing the personality
test first helps you to know how you will work in a particular occupation.
What ways you will communicate with workers , how you will resolve
conflicts and other differences. Then you are given a test for your occupation
style which really matches up with your personality test. After that you
are given a list of jobs that would work best for you. Princess
found that she would work best in a school, as a contractor, an
announcer, as a judge or a lawyer to name a few. There are many more
on her list. Toward the back of the workbook there are is a list of
career clusters. In each cluster ...say Business office a few jobs are listed
with the personality trait beside them so you can really see which
areas would be right for you. This is a neat tool to help young kids
figure out what they want to do with the rest  of your life. Once you
choose at least three career choices then you want to work in
the workbook for setting your goals.

Goal Setting
Princess requested I don't go into her goals. She felt it was to personal
just yet till she makes changes and makes decisions about her future.
This workbooks seemed as if it was still a work in progress for her.
However you will learn in this book about your past and future self,
specific goals, managing obstacles, prioritizing , deciding and setting goals.

 Overall I felt like the workbooks were extremely helpful. Princess has
been very unsure of her likes and abilities. This was a nice foundation
to show her , her choices. People keys does sell the workbooks separately
but I would suggest ordering the entire package. It is more comprehensive
in its value to your student.

If you would like to read more people keys reviews please click
the graphic below.


Warm Blessings ,

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Logic of English -The Rhythm of Handwriting- Review

 photo LOE_logo_wide_inv_3d_70_zpsc2eceeb2.png

I was given in exchange for my honest review from the  Old Schoolhouse Review
 the book The Rhythm of Handwriting Manuscript from  Logic of English.
 An $18.00 Value in physical Book form.

The Rhythm of Handwriting is a multisensory approach to beginning handwriting.
It begins with large motor skill movements before a child even begins using
pencil to paper. Your child is taught how to develop the nature muscle memory
needed to form their letters. It teaches when to pause so they are not struggling
through pausing and causing their writing to be formed incorrectly. In order
to create mastery the letters are ordered by their initial strokes. These are
Straight letters, Drop-Swoop letters, Down letters, roll letters, slant letters,
kick letters, cross letters, and upper case letters. The curriculum begins teaching
lower case letters before the upper case because lower case is 90% of what
we read and write. Once children learn the lower case letters then they are
presented the upper case and how to use them appropriately in their writing.

I  photo RhythmOfHandwritingManuscript_400_zps129fd8ba.jpg

I used The Rhythm of Handwriting with my 7 year old. This is perfect for
children beginning to write. The language used Is easy to understand
and instructions are easy to use. We use the handwriting lessons daily for
about 15 minutes per session keeping our work time shorter. The book
suggests starting out showing the child the phonetic flash cards.
We were not provided with these so what I did  was just use the picture of the
card within the student workbook. The book then suggests using the phonetic
sound and teaching that to your child. My  son is reading along at this point but
still has formation issues with is letters.  On occasion he is still doing some
common reversals for his age. I would  model the letter to him on my wipe
board using the verbal terminology as we worked. Words like straight , bump,
kick, cross, slash, circle and so one.  We  would then practice writing the letter
in the sky and then on his wipe board. Rhythm writing provides other writing
games to play along with your child  besides sky writing. Such as speed
writing, letter dictation and foot writing. (This kids love foot writing by the way)

Your child begins writing on a large handwriting chart. These are great.
I love the large motor skill version of it. Usually children begin writing
large. This gives them permission to do so filling their page with the letter
they are working on. There are letter points presented in a 1, 2 ... 3 manor.
Then your child is able to try out the writing in various sizes.

Writing for my kids has always been a challenge. Dad has dyslexia and
the children have seemed to pick up some form of writing difficulties. I have
one child with dysgraphia as well. Using the large motor skills through games
and words helps my children think through what they are about to do .
Before you know it it becomes natural to them with out the hesitation and
then crying  sometimes ensues. This natural flow of writing is really what
I have been looking for. I wish I had found it before I struggled with
my dysgraphia child. I like how the manuscript form of writing blends into
what cursive will be one day be for them. It give a basis for the turns
and curves of that style of writing. We recommend Rhythm of
handwriting. I didn't see to many down sides to it, however I did wish
that I had a teacher guide to go along with it.

If you would like to read more reviews from Logic of English
Click the graphic below.


Warm Blessings,

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Virtual Refrigerator Art - Painting and Drawing

Welcome to Refrigerator Art. This week is it my turn to share Art.
Every week a group of bloggers share the art we create with our kids.
You are welcome to join in on that share with us your How To's,
crafts or other Art.

To my kids Art is everything. They love it and it is an important part
of my life too. Perhaps they pick up on that. So I couldn't think of a
better way than to start our first day of school with a paining session.
Our local arts and supply store had canvas on sale so I purchased one
for each child and gave it to them to create whatever they wanted to
create. It was interesting to watch the preschooler paint.

First she painted it all orange. I couldn't talk her into using another
color until it was all covered.

Then she painted it all red, then green, then blue, then purple, then brown
until it was all black. She left it dry and the next day she did this...

If you know Sweet Pea then you would know that of course she ended
with a layer of pink.

This one was done by my 13 year old Superboy. His sky is beautiful.

This one is done by my son 7 Spirit.

My oldest daughter is still working on hers so it's not pictured
Just yet. 

Sweet Pea created this art work. It came from an assignment
with the older kids to draw a scene and then use black
sharpie to outline it. Then they were to color it with watercolor paints.

This one is done by Spirit Age 7. This is a simple sketchbook
drawing. Each of the children have their own sketchbooks to draw in and
work in them often. This year Spirit has 4 already in his book. This one
was my favorite so far. He really took his time drawing that monkey. 

This is Spirit's age 7 black line drawing I talked about above.

This piece came about from look at art by Joan Miro
We investigated the different kinds of lines and shapes in his art.
Then Spirit Worked on creating his own shape drawing.
I hope you enjoyed visiting Refrigerator Art today.
Next week you will find it at Every Bed of Roses,

Warm Blessings,


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