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Friday, August 9, 2013

Today is the last day of Picture book play. Thank you to those
that came by to read my thoughts about spending that special
time reading to your child. I hope you enjoyed some of the ideas
presented here this week. Today I want to share with you some
links for enjoying your story time. Before I do though just
incase you missed it here are the links to this weeks posts.

Tuesday- Math Play

My favorite resource that uses books to explore and learn is
Five in a Row - This year my son (7) and daughter (4) will
be exploring books through FIAR. We may even work on
some of our own choices. I love making up my own lessons
and think that I could create some similar fun with some other
books that the children might enjoy that are perhaps less popular
but just as enjoyable.

To find all of my links that I have been saving for the past
few days click on my pinterest page link Picture Book Activities
You will see all I have been pinning and will continue to pin over
the next few weeks.

Beginning Wed. Sept. 4 come back and join me for some
more picture book play. This will be the day to share our
ideas for playing and learning with books.

See you then.

Warm Blessings,


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