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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Time for Saturdays Weekly Finds

Blessed Beyond a Doubt has created a list of  Top Free Resources for
Homeschoolers. It's a pretty good list links to search through.
Many are links I am aware of but if you are new to homeschooling than
this is a great place to start.

Five in a Row- In working on my picture book play meme I found that
five in a row has a discussion board. A very helpful resource to those
using FIAR. This is something you may have known about because it
is on the FIAR Website but did you know there is a FIAR Facebook Group.
The girls there are wonderful and very helpful.

Mathtacular- I wanted to order bear counters to use this year and the
best price I have found so far is Mathtacular. They seem to be rather new
but I'm not sure about that. Just that their product amount is rather small
but I'm loving the deal.

Zulily- If you haven't found zulily yet for your shopping needs you should
go and check it out. I linked to the newest school sales but there are a lot
more things for sale. Click new today for all of todays sales. I was looking
on this page at the ABC sing along chart with cd. In stores it is almost
$25. here it is $15. That is a big savings and one I'm going to take advantage
of. Enjoy your shopping and make sure you subscribe so you can access the
new deals every week.

Warm Blessings,



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