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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Science of Play

So far we have explored gathering things from our home to act it out
and becoming a part of our story time.  We have Counted through our books,
added things together and taken things away. We have made our books come
alive. What more can we add to our story time. Well , When I think of hands
on learning. I think of things that the children can explore. Getting them out
in nature and really looking around their environment. You can use these
experiences through out your day to bring in the relationship of the story.
Take your nature journals with you. Draw a picture or take a picture
of the things you see and then come back and find the stories that will
bring this to life for them. Show them the connection that a book might
have to their life. This is when kids really learn when they can connect
what you show them to an experience that they can relate too. Below
are some examples to get you started in adding Science to your
Story time. Tomorrow we will explore Arts and Crafts. Friday
I will give you many resources to create your own picture book play.


While we were at the beach a few years ago my brother decided
that we ought to order some crabs for dinner. The older kids took
this photo of a crab. We brought this photo home and the little ones
saw the crab. I guess they didn't remember he had once been dinner. (wink)
Suddenly I had their interest. They became curious about crabs.

And so we were able to take this little guy and turn him into a
story with this book below. We could also explore resource books and
learn about what Crabs eat and how they live.

Another day we were out exploring and noticed this
bird in our tree nesting. We were able to learn to watch from
a distance and then come back and read  together about birds.

The great thing about Science is that you can read fiction and nonfiction .
You can introduce the Science and also have fun with it.

Do you have a new pet at home. Why not bring that new
interest to the written word.

You can read reference book about chick. You can learn how
to care for them from books but don't forget the stories. Don't forget
to allow your child's imagination soar.

Just watch your children's interests. Look at what they are
learning about and then choose a book that might relate to it.

You can set up a Science Experiment too. It can be very simple .. As simple as
watching a real bean grow after you read the book Jack and the beanstalk.

Be Creative with it and search the internet for ideas. You don't have
to do these long Science experiments unless you want to but I would
suggest for your story time keeping it simple and just explore.

Over the summer we stopped off at a museum and was able to
watch some honey bees. We searched our library so that we
could read all about them . Books have so much beauty in
them. Get excited about it and share it with your child .

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