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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Refrigerator Art

Welcome to the Virtual Refrigerator. Each week you can link up and join
us in sharing our children's art, how -to's and crafting ideas.  This Blog hop
will be available Each Thursday and will be shared between four bloggers,
And (myself)  Angels of Heart

Next week you will find Refrigerator Art at Every Bed of Roses

This week I wanted to share with you some recent photos my oldest
daughter "Heart" took. She has had a love of taking photos for
the last few years. She attends a local college  . Her major is secondary
education but she is minoring in photography. I know this isn't the
typical post when you think of Art but photography is a real Art. Some
people can take photos and some people just can't. I know for me all to
often the heads are cut off of the people I'm trying to photo, I'm to close ,
to far away or they are rather blurry. Being a good photographer takes
some talent in trying to use all that the camera has to offer you. There
is something else too. The way a person sees the world. I never can
find great shots like my Heart can. She just has away of seeing the
beauty in life and she is patient to wait to find it. So today I share my
big girls photos. You are never to old to be on Mammas refrigerator.

(Don't these birds look like they are just sitting on the fence waiting for her)

(This one is my favorite. For one I love the beach but it is also so romantic)

Last week Heart went to the beach and took these photos. Her and her
boyfriend went on a boat right and when they were on there she met a
professional photographer. The photographer took her camera and showed
her a few things. He took a few photos of her with it and told her to sent
him some of her photos in the future. She was so excited about this.

When my daughter was 4 I bought her a kids camera from little tykes.
It was an actual digital camera but took low grade photos. If you have
little ones give them the camera. You might be surprised at what you find.

Warm Blessings,


Don't forget to link up your Refrigerator Art.


  1. Beautiful photos! I personally would consider photography to be an art form.

  2. Photography is definitely an art, and your daughter's pictures are lovely! I especially like the first one with the birds!

  3. The birds lined up just right, the sunsets, all of these are great pictures.


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