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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Picture book play with Art

It has been a great week sharing ideas for picture book play and
as you can see it is pretty easy to put together. You can choose
one thing to go with a story or you can do all the things suggested.
You could read the book, act it out, play with toys associated with
the characters, do a science experiment , nature study or make a craft
all in the name of a story. For me crafting is the simplest form of playing
with books. I guess because I like reading and I like doing crafts.

One thing you can do is use the craft item to tell the story.
Here we read the book Stellaluna. Along with the story we made
these paper bag bats. Now my children have a puppet to act out
the story. Suddenly their arts and crafts become play.


Here is another example of reading a book and creating
figures for the children to play with. You want them
to be able to hold this event in their minds. You want them to
be creative with what they have learned and begin applying that
to their life and their understanding. 

Like I talked about above you can combine activities so not
only can you craft these pumpkins but you can also count them.
You can add some together, take some way and learn about the
Science of pumpkins. There is so much you can do with this one
storybook. That is true for many books. Just use your imagination. 


This is another fun example. This one uses the senses to bring
the book alive. We painted our plates to make the pie crust.
Then we added cinnamon to the paint so it smelled like pie.
Adding our apples in the end. 

What I like about this story book is that it is already interactive
with touch and feel pages but then it gives us the idea to
create our own robot. Pretty creative I might add. 

I hope you have enjoyed all the ideas with picture book
play. I used many of the ideas from this site and paired it with a story
book. It can be that simple for you at home too.

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Warm Blessings,



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