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Thursday, August 1, 2013

New School Year on It's way....

No More Sickies..

I think I am finally well. Wow the stomach virus we had
was terrible. It lasted a little over a week for each person and when
you thought you were getting over it. It would knock you right back
down. This has been the oddest summer. I don't remember one where
our family was sick so often. The weather has been off too. We
started spring much earlier than usual and now in August we are
experiencing cooler weather. I'm disappointed. I love the hot weather and
going to the pool isn't as much fun when your cold when you get out of the
water. We have a membership to a private pool and this cool weather is messing
with our vacation. This was our big plan for the summer. Spending it
pool side . All of the kids summer activities are winding down and our
plan was to spend the last days of August being pool side... Oh well.
I can't control the weather.

Shopping in the rain...

Today it's raining. I have to get groceries. It's only fitting it rains.
Its the first of the month too so that means we hit two stores. We do
a big shop at a discount store for dry things and canned goods for
the entire month. Then we shop our regular store for meats and produce.
I'm so thinking about hitting market on Saturday. I would love some
fresh fruit for smoothies.

Gearing up for School....

And since the weather is as it is. I get to start thinking about our
school. Working on our Circle time plan has me motivated to get things
started. I have so much I want to do this year. I need to have a plan and
I don't yet have one. It's hard to plan when your material isn't here yet but
I have hopes it will arrive any day. I thought I'd just jot down some thoughts
so that I have somewhere to start.

Story time with the little ones....

First this year I add in Sweet Pea she will be doing a little preschool.
I have her a part of our morning calendar. Her and Spirit will be doing
picture book studies from Before 5 in a Row and 5 in a Row. I will combine
The activities but will work things for each child's level. Sweet pea will also
have an activity bag basket for those independent times of work. The will
go out on a rotating basis.

History studies...

I want to have the kids work together more. Both boys will be doing a study
on ancient history. Superboy is in 7th and Spirit is in 2nd but I think I can
do some of the fun things with them as a group. I know the boys will like
working together. In particular Spirit will love that his older brother has
school with him.

Writing Workshop...

I just took a class on writing and it was beyond words. So this session
I want to have more writing time. Our own family writing workshop.
I am working on writing notes books as we speak and will show you the
end result. Superboy already sort of has one but we didn't put it to real use.
I want to add something's as well.

So much to think about and so little time. Its jumping right at me.
Almost makes a person a little anxious....

Warm Blessings,



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