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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Math Play

Math is all around us. Everywhere we go we see numbers and
words. You can teach little ones how to count and add in your every
day life. They can count out napkins for snack. They can count out
how many pretzels each person receives. You can figure out how
many are eaten or how many you just added to the pile of oreos.
It's pretty fun to do. Kids love to count cars when you travel or
count cows. You can count the number of bridges  you pass
or the number of rivers. Counting, adding and subtracting can
be done in every day life so why not add it into your storybook
time. You can count how many animals on a page. How
many pies the character ate. How many thing are blue , or green,
Or pink. You can count how many girls there are at the playground
and then how many boys come and join them  or how many
go away. I think you get the idea.

The idea is to get those picture book stories to come to life
you can begin to look for concrete things your children can
count or add or manipulate. Finding shapes that match or sorting
by colors is all a part of math. Many times you have things
in your home already that match your pictures books. Sometimes
you can find them reasonable at dollar stores or yard sales.
Below are some examples of some counting fun.

Sit with your little one and snuggle. Grab that stuffed bunny to
make the story come to life. Count the bunnies on each page as
you go and then pull out some math counting fun. I found these
bunny trays at Easter at walmart. They great thing about the bunny
egg trays is that they are by 10's a great way to start showing and
manipulating numbers. Small ones can count out the bunnies.
Older children can add the two trays together or take some away.

This one you can do as a craft and as math. Count how many snowflakes you
make. Count how many beads it takes to make the beaded flakes. Count the
points on the snowflakes. Add them up and take some away. Easy and fun
hands on math.

Read together the Incy Wincy spider and then pull out some
spiders and webs and do some counting fun. Use a dice to count
them out. Pick number cards to add or subtract. All in the name
of spiders and hands on picture book play.

Read a story about balls. Count the balls in the book . Learn
about the different kinds of balls. Then use your own balls to sort
by color, count , add them up take them away. Dig into your story time.

Bring your books to live and introduce your little ones to math
all at the same time. Dig into learning . It can be fun and hands on.

Warm Blessings,


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