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Friday, August 23, 2013

Introduction to Geometry NotePack - In the Hands of a Child- Review

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Last school year both of my two older children had Geometry. I was
looking for a way for them to do a simple review before we began
PreAlgebra. I found that with Hands of a Child.

I was given  by the Schoolhouse Review Crew the Notepack
Introduction to Geometry by Hands of a Child- Price $12.00
in exchange for my honest review.

My kids have a love for hands on learning and have always enjoyed
making lapbooks. Hands of the Child lapbooks have been by far my favorite
over the  years. We have done several. Lapbooking is a fun way to take
notes . Using a file folder you are able to fold your folder so that it
is open to many little pockets and mini books all about your topic.

As my children got older they began to do less lapbooks . Now they are
into doing notebooks. So I am happy to see that we can continue with
hands of a child using Notepaks.

All the information that is needed to complete your notepack is in the
downloadable e-book. You are given clear instructions and all the
information needed. The notepak is for children in grades 4-8. I used it with
my 6th grader. We printed out all the notebook pages before hand and
put them in a Geometry notebook. I put this to the back of our notebooks
as a reference. We plan to keep our books for future studies.

Hands of a child refers to notebooking as "educational journaling"
Notebooking allows your student to take notes in a creative and fun way.
Most of the time for me when I write something out and organize my
thoughts I remember what I put down, much like my own children.
Notebooks are a fun way to express what all we have learned.

Supplies Needed:

Various colors or what printer paper
Pencils, pens or your child's choice of a writing tool.
Three ring binder
hole punch

To complete the project pak all you need to do is read over the
research guide and complete the activities provided. You can read the
entire guide at one time or break it into pieces as you learn different
sections. Since we were using it as a review it went rather quickly.
We must have had a intensive Geometry curriculum because most
of the project pak felt a little easy for him. I should also note that my son
loves math . It comes very easy to him.  However it was a wonderful
review and helped to arrange his thoughts. He enjoyed the set up
of the pak and was eager to work with in it.

Each project pak comes with a table of contents followed by the
research section. The research section is broken into chapters.
Next you will find the Core concepts. Each concept is broken
into a template. The templates are based off of the reading in the
research section.  Hands of a child recommends completing 2-3
sections in a sitting. We did most of the book at one time. It can
be used as a stand alone or as a review as we used it . There is also
a day by day chart to help you as you teach and a reading suggestion
list to go along with your study.

We enjoyed our notepak as a review and would recommend it
for that as well as using it as an overview.


Warm Blessings,

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