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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beauty in the Hearts- Doorposts- Review

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Many women are concerned about their beauty. One of my daughters
loves to shop and likes to feel good dressed up. My other daughter
hasn't quite learned the art of putting things together at 16 but
she like her sister likes to feel good  in her clothes and her choices
for style. Although I do like when they feel confident. God want's all
of us to remember to focus on our inside. He wants us to know what
the word beauty means. It doesn't mean being rebellious , having a
selfish heart, being prideful or only concerned about the outside.

I was given by the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my review
 Beauty in the Heart A study for Godly Beauty for Young Women by
Doorposts a $14.00 Value.  I was given the physical copy binded.
There is also a pdj version of the study. I'd suggest the printed copy
because there is a lot of writing with in the study. Unless you print
it out yourself before you begin.

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Beauty in the  Heart is set up so that your daughters will learn how
to navigate the bible. It gives you experiences with my different
approaches to studying the bible. You will learn how to...

Compare passages
Observe repeated words in passages
Ouline the content of a passage

Gather Scripture about a particular topic

Study the lives of the people in the bible and their actions

Use study helps to help you with the bible such as the
concordance and other study tools online and mobile devices.

Each study is divided into a daily assignment. These assignments
will take 5-20 minutes per day. It contains 85 days of study plus 45
suggested studies. Enough for a year of bible or more. You may
complete more than one assignment per day to complete at a faster
past. We did one per day. Here are the topic study headings.

Study 1 Beauty in Submissions
Study 2- Beauty in the Heart
Study 3- Beauty Trusting God
(character study of Sarah)
Study 4- Beauty of Humility
(book of Esther)
Study 5- Beauty in the works
Study 6- Beauty in Serving
Study 7- Beauty in Discretion
Study 8- Beauty in Crisis
Study 9- Beauty in the Gates
Study 10 - Beauty in Review
Alternate questions for young men

 This study is designed for girls ages 10 and up. My daughter using the
study material is 16 years old and entering the 11th grade this year.
It can also be for young men to help them know what values in a
young women he should be seeking.

Recommended additional material:

You Bible (it is suggested that you use Nave's Topical Bible)
A concordance (Strong's Exhaustive Concordance)
The study is geared toward the king James Bible translation.
We used what we had here and it worked just as well. You can
also find these books online, at Christian bookstores or doorposts.
There were also times we needed a dictionary, bible atlas which
we found online and a study bible.

Several of the verses ask you to mark you bible. So you want to make
sure you have one that you don't mind writing in. If you don't want
to write in your bible . I suggest printing the verses from the web and
keeping them in a binder for later reference. This is what we did.

In each study section you might ...

 read your bible
Memorize verses
Make observations about the passage
organize observations into charts
Answer many questions
Interpret what you read and how you
would apply it to your life.
Study key words
Sit quiet with God

How we used it...

I originally gave the study to my 16 year old daughter to work through
on her own. She has a learning disability so I soon realized after
many questions from her that she would need some guidance.
She would work in the book on her own but if she had any trouble
she would ask. At the end we would meet and discuss what she learned.
This meant that I had to be on top of things and look at the study
before she did that particular section. It is a fairly intense study and
I was extremely pleased with its format . We found this time very
relaxing and could spend quiet time together seeking the Lord.

We followed the daily guide through the sections. I felt that the
slower pace of it worked best for her and I. If she had advanced
through at a faster pace I'm not sure she would have been able to
really have time to think about what each section meant and pray
over that. That prayer time was so helpful in her understanding.

For me I really liked the organize your observation sections.
She needs this and so do I. I am a visual text learner and my
child is dyslexic so this section really helped both of us put
our thoughts together about that particular person of the bible
or bible verses we were studying.

I also am one who likes to write in her bible even though my
daughter didn't but wasn't sure how to mark them. So this activity
of highlighting text helped me figure out how I wanted to do that
with in my own study time.

I was happy as well to see that memorizing scripture was included.
This is something we have done for quite awhile and I wanted
her to see that memorizing scripture doesn't stop as you become
older. This is something we should do our entire lives.

The other things I liked was that the study uses women of the bible
as a reference. People who have learned and lived. People who
my daughter is probably already familiar with from other studies
but at the same time got to know a whole lot better here.

I have nothing really that I didn't enjoy for the study. I just
wish there was an answer guide for those of us that need
a little assistance. I did not find I needed it often but it might
help those that are just beginning to learn about the bible.

If you would like to read more reviews from Doorposts click
the graphic below.


Warm Blessings,

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