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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekly Finds

Time to share this weeks weekly finds. Typically Weekly finds is shared on
Saturdays but yesterday I spent the day with my family at the pool. It was a
nice relaxing day. The kids seem rather tired today so we are sort of hanging
around the house and it looks like a summer storm might be coming in.
Let me get to sharing before the storm make me have to close my laptop.

I just want to send you to a new site called Women living well.
This is a website dedicated to Christian women and I love what I am
reading there. I am inspired by them.

I also was helping a friend this week research home management and
links to create a binder. We found a few sites that we thought we what both
of us were looking for. So I'll share those links too...

Joyful Christian Homemaking

Home Making Organized

This was one of my favorite posts for organizing your home and I'm
hanging on to this one. Organize your Whole House in one Trip
All the ideas shared are tools that can be found at the dollar tree. There
are several containers I have in mind for our school . It's a fairly long post
but is filled with ideas.

I found this one for our homeschool. We love to do crafts but sometimes I
just could use a break and have someone else do that prep work for me.
Well I found this site Kiwicrate. You can choose your theme and a box
of crafts for a reasonable price. I wouldn't use them all the time but a break
now and again sounds great. Possibly for those holiday busy times.

Those are my finds for the week.

Warm Blessings,



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