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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop

Welcome to the Virtual Refrigerator. Each week you can link up
and join us in sharing our children's art, how -to's and
crafting ideas.  This Blog hop will be available
Each Thursday and will be shared between four bloggers,

This week I wanted to share a quick drawing I did in my
Scripture journal. I am just exploring Chalks but have a lot of experience
using inks. This new to me and need to get accustomed to the media.
I thought the colors would blend easier. I definitely need more practice
but it turned out pretty neat anyway. I draw for me.

We also created this castle in our yard... (We eventually used it with
preschool kids at our VBS) Daddy brought home a big cardboard box
from his work. I cut the tops out with an exact-o knife and the doors.
I cut openings to the second box inside to create some seclusion. The
kids played for hours in there until it was about falling apart. I also gave
them gray and silver spray paint to paint their box. Using the spray paint
was difficult for the younger crowd but they all enjoyed trying it out.
If it would have been just the little Sweet Pea playing in it I would have
had her use lost of glitter and gems on it. Maybe another time I can
have dad bring two more boxes and they can personalize them.

One day it rained and rained so I gave the kids a pinterest craft.
I brought up the directions and left them create. They had a
fun time making these 3D paper lizards. You can get the
Lizard Directions @ Artolazzi. There are examples at
smART Class as well. The kids created their own heads.
Each one is unique to his or her ability. Princess had help
from big brother by the way but she enjoyed coloring and
the whole cutting process.

Of course we had to play with them after. Spirit set up his blocks
and that lasted for some time.

I love Spirits face here. He always makes funny faces when showing
off his art. It's like he's in it.

And of course if you know Sweet Pea you know that hers is pink.

Gather your art and Link up ....

Warm Blessings,



  1. I really need to encourage art and participate in this meme!! Looks so fun!!

  2. Your chalk drawing is beautiful! I love the castle idea, my kids would have loved that when they were younger.

  3. From all of these pictures you seem like such a fun mom. That chalk pastel bird is great. And the castle! What kid wouldn't love that?


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