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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Random 5

Hi everyone. Yes my random 5 is pretty late... It has been a long week.
And this is why...

1. I pulled a muscle in my arm early in the week and by Tuesday I could
barely lift it above my head. So typing was out. It hurt from below my
elbow up through my hand. I had a lump by my elbow and one on the
top of my arm near my hand. Typing much less moving was impossible.
Daddy made me a sling and that helped me keep it steady. Today I am
much better but still on occasion feel a pull in my arm. I have to be really
careful. I also didn't take many photos this week. When you are hurting
one does not feel like taking photos.

2. The photo above is a Carousel. Heart went to the beach and took this
photo along the boardwalk. I am missing our trip this year. We decided to
take a year off  to save more for next years trip. We are already planning it.
It just doesn't quite feel like summer when you don't have a beach trip.

3.  I can hardly believe that July is almost over. With that the thought is
wow I better get ready for school. I haven't planned one thing but did a
lost of surfing the web and saving. Spirit today told me he can't wait
for us to start back up and Princess feels the same way. I better get hopping.

4. Over the summer I had planned three major clean out jobs here at the house.
I have one almost complete. The other two won't take long. That was a big one.
I can't wait to enjoy the end result. I think I better plan a day to do them or
they won't get done. We have been spending our days by the pool.

5. This up coming week is going to be so busy. We have our last week
of tennis which is Mon, Wed. Fri. Friday Superboy has a birthday party to
attend. Saturday Spirit has Zombie wars at Karate. Karate is also Mon. and Wed.
evening. Sunday is my Cousins sons birthday party and I feel like there is something
else but I cannot think of it right now. I have four reviews for you this week and
that alone is going to keep me busy. :)

Warm Blessings,



  1. Oh no...sorry about your arm. I have had so many plans this summer. Especially cleaning ones. Well the summer is almost over and I am a bit...okay a lot...behind on those plans. lol!


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