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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Personal Development -Homeschool Style Spelling

One of our biggest Challenges here in our Homeschool is Spelling.
I have heard it from other homeschool parents that spelling will come
naturally. However that has not been the case with my children. Spelling
has not come naturally nor is it something my children want to do or can
do well. I have learned over our ten years of homeschooling that a word
rich environment is essential in their learning. Several of my children have
learning disabilities so spelling has been more of a challenge.

Learning Your ABC's-  It all starts out when our children are rather
young and they are about to learn their ABC's . It is important that
we teach them clearly to our children. I have a child right in this area
of learning now. She is beginning Pre-k in the fall so we will take a
close look at that alphabet and the sounds the letters make. A good
article to read about learning the alphabet can be found at A Joy Filled Life.
Getting a solid base is important for those beginner spellers.

Read to your child- At that early stage you want to give them that
start to a print rich life with lots of reading . Have a variety of
books available for your child to look at and read. The same principles
can be applied to older children as well. Give little ones a chance to
look at the pictures. Point to words as you read so their eyes can follow.
Use clues from the book to try to figure out what is next or what they
think will happen. Get them talking about the words on the page.
On a book about Cats have your child look for the word Cat as you
read. Have them say Cat when it appears. It is important when you
begin spelling they are familiar with how many different words sound.

Communication-  Talk to your children. Listen to what they have to say
and correct them when their words are incorrect. My son had some
speech quirks that we thought were cute but later when he got older
we found that he spelled the way he spoke. So although its cute to
hear your cuties say Panacakes instead of pancakes be forewarned
that this may come back to bite you if you don't correct it soon.

Rules, Rules, Rules - Some children don't natural figure out spelling
rules and some just do. The ones that do are typically visual learners.
 If your child is struggling with spelling then they may just be an auditory
learner. This is ok but if you rely on the ears to help you in the English
language then you are not going to probably spell very well. You
child may need more intervention with a curriculum that covers spelling
rules. Keep working at it this takes some time. Spelling isn't something
that fixes itself over night.

Make a Game of it- There are many games out there to make
spelling fun. Memorizing and learning new words can become monotonous.
Look for ways to create excitement with your child's learning.
I just purchased the E- book 101 Ways to Make Spelling Fun.
We will put these in an index box and choose from it daily to practice
our words. I love how simple this is and yet effective. There are many
ideas on the web for teaching children spelling . Be creative. You know
what your child interests are ... Use those interest to learn new spelling

Incorrect spelling- Another easy thing to do is give your child
4 choices of word spellings and have them try to decide which is
spelled correctly. This could be a part of your morning work. You
can also do it the other way and have one of the 4 spelled incorrectly.
Its often hard for students to know when a word is spelled wrong if
they aren't sure themselves.

Spelling in their Writing-   When your child is done writing a paper
have them read back over their writing and look for spelling errors.
They can circle them so they know where they are. Then have them
place those words in the Have A Go Chart. The idea behind this
being that your child will Try to write the word correctly. This
particular sheet gives them two changes. I have seen them give one
changes to spell it correctly. Then look it up and last copy it correctly.
Even if you don't formally study this chart. Giving them exposure
to the correct spelling is helpful.. Word rich....

*note you don't want to correct every paper they write but
choose a few choice pieces to work on .

If you are looking for more resources I am pinning away ideas
for myself over on pinterest .... Try these boards.....

SpellingWord Work , and Sight Words

If you have any other ideas having to do with spelling please
add them to the comments. I'm always on the look out.

Warm Blessings,




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