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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

High School Biology in Your Home

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I was given for review from the Schoolhouse Review Crew
This Product is for children in High School Grades 9-12. If you have
an advanced student it might work for an 8th grader.

Price- $79.99  For this price you receive the Parent handbook
spiral bond, Student Manual punched for your notebooks,
Exams and final worksheets.

In addition to the books you will need a Microscope and
other items for the experiments. It may be easier to purchase
the total packs that the publisher has available. You can purchase
the books and supplies for $258.99 but you will still need your
microscope. For me this would be the easier route since I wouldn't
have to search out all of the items that are needed, which I made the
mistake of doing. I recommend saving time with the Total packs.

About the writer

Bridget Ardoin found teaching Biology easy to understand but found
that other homeschool parents struggled with these high school subjects.
She decided to create a manual to aid in their study. 
( Also available Physical Science and Chemistry) 

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How the program works

The program is set up as research based and as independent work for
your student. Each week you give your child a set of questions that needs
to be researched. The number of questions is different for each week it all
depends on the topic presented. Your student will learn time management
skills and research skills. If your child does not have a basis already of
time management or research skills you may have to walk them through
the steps until they are comfortable with the program. Once they have
their research questions you send them on their way using the library
and internet to find the answers they are looking for. My daughter used
many resources from our local library but our internet was the key and
easiest to use. She did use a Biology text book we had been given by
a friend that helped as a source. Princess is great at finding research.
We have worked on that for many years so she was very independent
in her findings and was happy to report back with her new knowledge.
I liked this about the curriculum at this point in her studies she does not
like a lot of one on one instruction with mom.  I loved that I remembered
much of this from my high school years. It has brought back some fond
memories of my own studies.

On Friday you then meet with your student and discuss what they found.
The hope is that they will become excited about what they learned and
be ready to tell you all about their new finds. As I mentioned before she
was happy to report the information. I really like this because
sometimes just writing facts isn't enough but here you have to know
what your talking about to restate it in your words. Doing this cements
the thought process. I love that this curriculum uses all learning styles
visual, auditory and kinesthetic. It is sure to touch on your child's
strength of learning style. Princess enjoyed the meeting times which
surprised me since she doesn't like to work to often with mom.

 At this point it's time to work the though the lab.  Your child will
learn how to use the microscope, use slides, create date ,
and how to use dissection tools.  We loved this about the curriculum.
My kids love hands on. I had all of them over and checking things out
even if they didn't understand exactly what was going on.

Quizzes and tests can be given at your discretion. It is suggested to
give last weeks quiz before the discussion of this weeks.

Topics to be covered for first semester have to do with cells
and various body systems. You will look at Bacteria, muscles
of a frog , bones and cells. You will also do a kidney dissection.

Second semester  you will begin classifications ,Genetics
and Careers. You will compare dissections of a fish and frog.
You will dissect a spider, grasshopper, crawfish, Clam, and worm.
Lots of hands on fun here. Can't wait to get to that.
We are enjoying High school Biology. It's great when learning can
Be fun. Warm Blessings,


If you would like to read more reviews about Biology, Chemistry
and Physical Science by Science for High school Click below.

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