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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Circle Time by Preschoolers and Peace

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Once upon a time I worked in a childcare center and I orchestrated a Circle
time. It was simple for preschoolers and it was a gathering time. A time
to get us settled into our day. Along comes Preschoolers and Peace with their
E-book Circle Time.  I had  not considered doing a circle time with my
children. This gathering time could be very valuable to our day. I'm thinking a
great transition into our studies but could it really become more. Could it become
that time when things get taught that often get pushed to the side. Soon we
would see.....

I was given in exchange for my review by the Schoolhouse Review Crew
The Circle Time E-book $4.99  value by Preschoolers and Peace.

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Circle time gives you all the valuable tips and ideas that you need to
create your own circle time. The book introduces you to how to plan
your circle time, Strategies for a peaceful time together, How to get
your kids on board, Questions from moms, Words of wisdom, resources
ideas, and printables.  In the back of the e-book you will find this
worksheet to get you started. It is good to jot down all the things
you want to cover during this time. I decided to call our circle time
morning meeting. There will be times the older kids will do something
different than the little ones and so on but I think our time will work
well together. My plan has been to use the older kids to help with
the younger ones activities. 

Here is our Circle time Schedule of Events.

* Pledge to the Flag and Song- I'd like to teach the children
some songs that I grew up with when I was a kid. Like Yankee
doodle and This land is your land.

* Calendar Time- Find the number, days of the week son,  Sing
Calendar date, and Today and Yesterday

* Weather - Chart, Season, and weather bear

* Bible time- Stepping Stones to Bigger Faith and CD for the little one
and Devozine  for teens

Scripture memory Verse - Bible Black belts Scripture with a Kick
This book is a very active way to learn scripture. We probably won't go
as fast as the book suggests . I also found this game -Bible black belt game

*ABC Practices-  Sing Songs, Alphabet and Counting CD and workbook
Practice writing letter in the air, Use handwriting without tears
Wooden Pieces,  Mat and Stamp and See Screen
 write on dry erase board, Learn the letter
in Sign Language, and Word of the week In Sign language

*Skills- Use pointer and name colors, My first look At Shapes
  and counting.

*Sight words and 1st grade  and 2nd Grade fluency practices
Plus Barton Reading and Spelling

*Spelling choose a card and practice words
101 Ways to Make Spelling Fun

* Timed math facts- Timed Sheets

* Vocabulary games for the teens

* Journal writing

* Read Aloud  Time

Once I had the schedule created I needed to work on setting up our
Space for Morning meetings. We use our dining area for school. I like
to be able to close most things so that it can then return to our dining area.
So I decided to post some things in the inside of our cabinet. The
space is a little bare right now we are awaiting our new books.
This particular door has the preschool things. Her ABC Cards,
matching ABC cards, Number cards, Colors, and Sequencing.
I have several options for sequencing including 3 piece puzzle sets.

 I do have on thing in view and that is our weather activity. I had
an old poster on the seasons I thought I'd use and our weather bear. 

This side of the cabinet is for my 2nd grader. The chart will house
his sight words or spelling depending which needs the most practice
at the time. We will read and do some other activities with this.
Below that is his Calendar. He will write in the days. 

I needed a place to keep all of these things handy so I found a
decorative box not being used and placed all of our circle time things
in here so they are easier to find. This has various cards, sight word
cards, number, letters, the shape book, handwriting without tears,
devotionals, read aloud, journals, and music Cd's. 

I also created a morning meeting Notebook to house certain things
we would need. Like Sweet peas Calendar pages (below) Fluency checks,
Scripture memory work , and Sign language charts. I'm sure this will
grow and change as our school year progresses. 

Our morning meetings typically are more midmorning meetings. It takes us
awhile to regroup. I do our schedule typically in the order above but sometimes
over lap the teens and littles so that everyone is doing something with a partner.
Then we regroup again to full family and report back what is going on.
Sometimes the teens help with the little ones. They like to play school with
them so to speak. We are really enjoying this time. We then transition easily
into one on one work and independent work.

If you are looking to add a circle time into your school days. I'd recommend
getting this E- Book From Preschooler and Peace.

If you want to read more reviews click the graphic below.


Warm blessings,

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