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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Christi the Coupon Coach- Couponing Made Easy

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AAhhh Couponing, we have a love hate relationship. Way back
when I first started setting up house. I tried couponing but I really
didn't understand how to do it at all. I ended up paying more half the
time because I was trying to buy name brands. I didn't know about
matching at all. Fast forward  to a year or so ago... I tried couponing
again. This time I went online and watched loads of videos explaining
how to coupon. I bought a binder and plastic pockets for couponing.
Then I sat there and cut out ALL of the coupons. When it came time
to use the coupons. I again didn't match search but tried to bring
the ones I needed for shopping. This didn't work at all. I saved
virtually nothing. My system wasn't working. I spent to much time
with the coupons cutting, sorting and finding expired dates.
Enters Christ the Coupon Coach.

I was able to review from the Homeschool Review Crew
Couponing Made Easy By Christi the Couponing Coach

The price of the physical book is $18.00
you can get a kindle version for $4.99

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I wasn't real sure about this review. When I received the book
it sat for a bit. I guess because of my past experiences. I read
some of the other reviewers discussions about how excited they
were and how much they were saving and decided it was time
to read the book and see what I could do. Now let me tell you
perhaps it's the homeschooler in me but I always think I can
change things to make them better for me. Yes that works great
for curriculum but maybe not so much couponing . This is where
I usually make my mistakes but I will get to that in a bit.
First lets take a look at the topics you will learn about in
Christi's book. I give you the table of contents...

Chapter 1 - Success Stories
Chapter 2- A New Way to Shop
Chapter 3- The Language of Couponing
Chapter 4- Organization System
Chapter 5- Step-by- Step Process
Chapter 6- Tips and Tools
Chapter 7 - Couponing Ethics
Chapter 8- Networking & Communicating
Chapter 9- Bonus Section
Chapter 10 Beyond Couponing


I am a skeptic I guess so as I read Success stories I'm thinking
Yeah right. That's not going to work for me. I thought of all
the reasons it wouldn't work. First We usually buy most of our
Groceries from a discount store and that store doesn't allow coupons.
Then there is the fact that we have no CVS locally. I'd have to
drive an hour to get the savings. Probably not worth it. Last
skeptical thought I love my local Shur fine Store. There is no way
it will work there and I'm not a big shop around at 50 stores
sort of gal. I am a person of habit. I like my Aldi, Sure Fine
(Kennie Market), Staples for office supplies, AC Moore for
Crafting needs, and Walmart for home goods.

But I moved on with the reading and came to the Language of
couponing. Really couponing has language. Yes it really does.
Many things I knew. I had heard of blinkies and Bogo Sales.
Then I read about Stacking... and  I thought to myself ... Are you
really allowed to do that. Would my store Allow me to stack coupons?
Maybe this is what I was missing all along with my coupon
experience. So right then and there I stopped reading because
again I am a skeptical person. You can't be given something
for almost nothing. Again I am slow at the process here so bare
with me. So now I have this stacking thing on my mind and
decided to request from our grocery store their couponing
policy. Interesting enough they all have them and they are
different. I found that I could do some stacking after I read
all of the rules. Hmm maybe this could work.

Organization/ Mistakes

Reading the organization part of the book I realize quickly where
I made my mistake. Again I thought I knew better so I created
just a pile of the coupons laying here and dating them. This
is not working well so I will be going out and getting the file
box and hanging folders to organize better. You can see  and
example of how to organize you system in the You tube
video below.

I already had a small accordion box laying around here that I
was using for various index cards. Well I didn't use for index
cards but thought I would so that became my sort file.

Christi Also suggests getting a paper for each member of the
family. Ouch that would be 6 news papers. I didn't think that
that was going to work for me. So I only bought 1, 2, sometimes 3
at times to start. This was a mistake too. I should have listened
to Christi. I learned this after my first shopping trip. Think of all
I could have saved. I did try getting friends and family to help me
find coupons. I found that many of them save them as well but
a church member friend has been laying them out on a table if
she won't use that particular coupon. Messes a little with
Christi's method of keeping track of coupons but doesn't
hurt to have extras laying around.

I also want to mention that it takes awhile for you to be
able to get a store trip under your belt. You have to keep
checking your ads until you find some deals.

So finally after all of my skepticism I was to give it a try.

Matching...Matching the coupons is the hard part. At least I thought
it was but Christi makes it easy. You can find match websites
at Christi's site. Another thing I found out and you might
want to check your local stores website is that my store has
E - Coupons available on their store website. Most stores
nowadays have reward cards. All you do is load your reward
cards with the coupons. When your card is scanned at the store
your coupons are automatically taken off. I love this. I don't even
have to carry the coupons in the store. Love love...

This was our first trip... and again I didn't have as many coupons
as I should have because of the skeptic in me. Please use Christi's
directions. I got two bags of Sure Fine Sugar for .63 cents. This
particular week they were 1.63 because of a big remodeling sale.
I had some store coupons and was able to get $1.00 off of each one.
There were two ketchups by the kids opened one before the picture.
Anyway it was 2 for $5 and I stacked it with coupons and got the
two for $2. I also have pasta there. I got those for 23. Cents. with
my coupons. Mayo was brought down to 1.63. and cake mixes
were 2 for $2. I got those for FREE... They were on sale because of
the patriotic theme and the 4th of July being over. I had two dollar
off coupons making it free to me. The icing ended up being
a 53 cents a container. The kens marinade Was not on my coupon
list not sure how it snuck in there. Ha haa.. And so I only spent
about  $ 6.00 . Wow.... I'm hooked.

If you are interested in learning more about couponing check out
this video below  and you can find Christi on Facebook

Will I continue using Couponing Made EasyYes, I will. I am hooked now. After your first trip and the savings
I received. You will be hooked too. I can't wait to see what else I can
save but next time I won't be so skeptical and I will be more
organized... If you would like to read more Reviews about
Couponing made easy click the graphic below.


Warm Blessings,

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