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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Personal Development -Homeschool Style Spelling

One of our biggest Challenges here in our Homeschool is Spelling.
I have heard it from other homeschool parents that spelling will come
naturally. However that has not been the case with my children. Spelling
has not come naturally nor is it something my children want to do or can
do well. I have learned over our ten years of homeschooling that a word
rich environment is essential in their learning. Several of my children have
learning disabilities so spelling has been more of a challenge.

Learning Your ABC's-  It all starts out when our children are rather
young and they are about to learn their ABC's . It is important that
we teach them clearly to our children. I have a child right in this area
of learning now. She is beginning Pre-k in the fall so we will take a
close look at that alphabet and the sounds the letters make. A good
article to read about learning the alphabet can be found at A Joy Filled Life.
Getting a solid base is important for those beginner spellers.

Read to your child- At that early stage you want to give them that
start to a print rich life with lots of reading . Have a variety of
books available for your child to look at and read. The same principles
can be applied to older children as well. Give little ones a chance to
look at the pictures. Point to words as you read so their eyes can follow.
Use clues from the book to try to figure out what is next or what they
think will happen. Get them talking about the words on the page.
On a book about Cats have your child look for the word Cat as you
read. Have them say Cat when it appears. It is important when you
begin spelling they are familiar with how many different words sound.

Communication-  Talk to your children. Listen to what they have to say
and correct them when their words are incorrect. My son had some
speech quirks that we thought were cute but later when he got older
we found that he spelled the way he spoke. So although its cute to
hear your cuties say Panacakes instead of pancakes be forewarned
that this may come back to bite you if you don't correct it soon.

Rules, Rules, Rules - Some children don't natural figure out spelling
rules and some just do. The ones that do are typically visual learners.
 If your child is struggling with spelling then they may just be an auditory
learner. This is ok but if you rely on the ears to help you in the English
language then you are not going to probably spell very well. You
child may need more intervention with a curriculum that covers spelling
rules. Keep working at it this takes some time. Spelling isn't something
that fixes itself over night.

Make a Game of it- There are many games out there to make
spelling fun. Memorizing and learning new words can become monotonous.
Look for ways to create excitement with your child's learning.
I just purchased the E- book 101 Ways to Make Spelling Fun.
We will put these in an index box and choose from it daily to practice
our words. I love how simple this is and yet effective. There are many
ideas on the web for teaching children spelling . Be creative. You know
what your child interests are ... Use those interest to learn new spelling

Incorrect spelling- Another easy thing to do is give your child
4 choices of word spellings and have them try to decide which is
spelled correctly. This could be a part of your morning work. You
can also do it the other way and have one of the 4 spelled incorrectly.
Its often hard for students to know when a word is spelled wrong if
they aren't sure themselves.

Spelling in their Writing-   When your child is done writing a paper
have them read back over their writing and look for spelling errors.
They can circle them so they know where they are. Then have them
place those words in the Have A Go Chart. The idea behind this
being that your child will Try to write the word correctly. This
particular sheet gives them two changes. I have seen them give one
changes to spell it correctly. Then look it up and last copy it correctly.
Even if you don't formally study this chart. Giving them exposure
to the correct spelling is helpful.. Word rich....

*note you don't want to correct every paper they write but
choose a few choice pieces to work on .

If you are looking for more resources I am pinning away ideas
for myself over on pinterest .... Try these boards.....

SpellingWord Work , and Sight Words

If you have any other ideas having to do with spelling please
add them to the comments. I'm always on the look out.

Warm Blessings,



Circle Time by Preschoolers and Peace

Website logo photo circletimelogo2_zps58ab71e5.jpg

Once upon a time I worked in a childcare center and I orchestrated a Circle
time. It was simple for preschoolers and it was a gathering time. A time
to get us settled into our day. Along comes Preschoolers and Peace with their
E-book Circle Time.  I had  not considered doing a circle time with my
children. This gathering time could be very valuable to our day. I'm thinking a
great transition into our studies but could it really become more. Could it become
that time when things get taught that often get pushed to the side. Soon we
would see.....

I was given in exchange for my review by the Schoolhouse Review Crew
The Circle Time E-book $4.99  value by Preschoolers and Peace.

 photo CircleTime_zpsf50b8efd.png

Circle time gives you all the valuable tips and ideas that you need to
create your own circle time. The book introduces you to how to plan
your circle time, Strategies for a peaceful time together, How to get
your kids on board, Questions from moms, Words of wisdom, resources
ideas, and printables.  In the back of the e-book you will find this
worksheet to get you started. It is good to jot down all the things
you want to cover during this time. I decided to call our circle time
morning meeting. There will be times the older kids will do something
different than the little ones and so on but I think our time will work
well together. My plan has been to use the older kids to help with
the younger ones activities. 

Here is our Circle time Schedule of Events.

* Pledge to the Flag and Song- I'd like to teach the children
some songs that I grew up with when I was a kid. Like Yankee
doodle and This land is your land.

* Calendar Time- Find the number, days of the week son,  Sing
Calendar date, and Today and Yesterday

* Weather - Chart, Season, and weather bear

* Bible time- Stepping Stones to Bigger Faith and CD for the little one
and Devozine  for teens

Scripture memory Verse - Bible Black belts Scripture with a Kick
This book is a very active way to learn scripture. We probably won't go
as fast as the book suggests . I also found this game -Bible black belt game

*ABC Practices-  Sing Songs, Alphabet and Counting CD and workbook
Practice writing letter in the air, Use handwriting without tears
Wooden Pieces,  Mat and Stamp and See Screen
 write on dry erase board, Learn the letter
in Sign Language, and Word of the week In Sign language

*Skills- Use pointer and name colors, My first look At Shapes
  and counting.

*Sight words and 1st grade  and 2nd Grade fluency practices
Plus Barton Reading and Spelling

*Spelling choose a card and practice words
101 Ways to Make Spelling Fun

* Timed math facts- Timed Sheets

* Vocabulary games for the teens

* Journal writing

* Read Aloud  Time

Once I had the schedule created I needed to work on setting up our
Space for Morning meetings. We use our dining area for school. I like
to be able to close most things so that it can then return to our dining area.
So I decided to post some things in the inside of our cabinet. The
space is a little bare right now we are awaiting our new books.
This particular door has the preschool things. Her ABC Cards,
matching ABC cards, Number cards, Colors, and Sequencing.
I have several options for sequencing including 3 piece puzzle sets.

 I do have on thing in view and that is our weather activity. I had
an old poster on the seasons I thought I'd use and our weather bear. 

This side of the cabinet is for my 2nd grader. The chart will house
his sight words or spelling depending which needs the most practice
at the time. We will read and do some other activities with this.
Below that is his Calendar. He will write in the days. 

I needed a place to keep all of these things handy so I found a
decorative box not being used and placed all of our circle time things
in here so they are easier to find. This has various cards, sight word
cards, number, letters, the shape book, handwriting without tears,
devotionals, read aloud, journals, and music Cd's. 

I also created a morning meeting Notebook to house certain things
we would need. Like Sweet peas Calendar pages (below) Fluency checks,
Scripture memory work , and Sign language charts. I'm sure this will
grow and change as our school year progresses. 

Our morning meetings typically are more midmorning meetings. It takes us
awhile to regroup. I do our schedule typically in the order above but sometimes
over lap the teens and littles so that everyone is doing something with a partner.
Then we regroup again to full family and report back what is going on.
Sometimes the teens help with the little ones. They like to play school with
them so to speak. We are really enjoying this time. We then transition easily
into one on one work and independent work.

If you are looking to add a circle time into your school days. I'd recommend
getting this E- Book From Preschooler and Peace.

If you want to read more reviews click the graphic below.


Warm blessings,

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Homeschool Programming Inc - Kid Coder Virtual Basic Series

 photo logo_zpsfc09b7b4.jpg

There is something my son has been wanting to be able to do and
I'm not sure he knows what all is involved in doing it. He is very artistic
and loves to create. He makes his own puppets and likes to draw. I don't
know where that will take him one day if anywhere. He has expressed
a want to learn how to create his own video games. Creating video
games isn't something I'd be able to teach him so what do I do? I have
been so lucky to be able to review from the Schoolhouse Review Crew
Kid Coder Virtual Basic Series from Homeschool Programming.
I think this will give him a taste of what it is like to be a
game programmer, which will be helpful in knowing if he likes it.

Here is what I was able to try out:

The Kid Coder Virtual Basic Series comes in two parts. For the first
semester your child will work through Windows Programming
and the second semester Game programming. Your child must first
complete the Windows Programming before they work on Game
programming or they may be considerably lost.  Kid coder is designed
for kids from 6th -8th grade. My son is entering the 7th grade this fall.
Kid Coder is arranged so that the child can work on it independently.
The course uses virtual basic programming which is widely used
in today's business industry. No previous programming experience
is needed when you child begins this course. However they should have
some computer basics under their belts like using a mouse, saving
programs to a file and how then to retrieve them. To use kid Coder
you will need a Windows computer and a CD Rom. You can learn
about other requirements at the link provided.

 photo KC_WP2_Cover_MED_zpsb37bc144.jpg  photo KC-GP2-Cover_MED_zpsd403e231.jpg

Below is a list of some of the things your child will learn with
the Kid Coder Series.

Windows Programming

$70 (Course only), $85 (Course and Video), $20 (Video Only)

Chapter 1- Introduction to Computers
Chapter 2- Get your Feet Wet
Chapter 3- Exploring Visual Basic Programs
Chapter 4- Data Types and Variables
Chapter 5- Basic Flow Control
Chapter 6- Getting User Input
Chapter 7- Working with Numbers
Chapter 8- Working with Strings
Chapter 9- Using the Debugger
Chapter 10 - Loops in Programs
Chapter 11- Functions
Chapter 12- Arrays and Structures
Chapter 13- Distributing Your Programs

Game Programming
$70 (Course only), $85 (Course and Video), $20 (Video Only)

Chapter 1- Getting Started
Chapter 2 - Game Design
Chapter 3- Drawing on the Screen
Chapter 4- User Input
Chapter 5- Graphics in visual Basics
Chapter 6- Images and Animation
Chapter 7- Sprites
Chapter 8- Game Logic
Chapter 9 - Sound
Chapter 10- Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 11- Saving your Games
Chapter 12 - Game Physics
Chapter 13- Drawing Text and Printing
Chapter 14- Final Project

You can also purchase the Kid Coder VB Year Pack for a
discounted price.

$120 (courses only), $145 (courses and Videos), $30 (videos Only)

About our Experience :

As I mentioned before I used this program with my 7th grader.
He is 13 years old and will be 14 in March. For the purpose of the
review we received a PDF of the Text and a download of the course.
To save on paper I loaded the text portion on my reader for him. Text
doesn't always format very well but this did ok for his purposes.
We completed a Chapter a week of the Windows Programming course.

The text was easy to follow.  We had not trouble loading virtual
basic or following the directions to do so.  What I liked about
Kid Coder was that my son was able to do it independently. I did
sit through the first few lessons to see if he would need help but
he didn't. So he was soon working on his own. I like the Characters
that are found through the book to help you as a guide.  Below is the
Mouse character and all the things that he highlights throughout the
book and what each one means. This was helpful as he worked.

Again following the directions was easy for my son and
I wanted to share a Screen shot of the last Chapter we completed.
The Text shows you with visual what to do next. There are also
videos available if your child is more of a visual learner. Each lesson
is slightly different in length it depends on the topic. 

We are enjoying Kid Coder so far. Time will tell as we go through
the lessons if my son still thinks that this is a career option for him.
If you want to read more Reviews from Homeschool Programming
Click the graphic below. There are other Computer Lessons Available
Such as Kid Coder Web , Teen Coder C# , and Teen Coder Java.


Warm Blessings,

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Christi the Coupon Coach- Couponing Made Easy

 photo christithecouponcoachlogo_zpsbe2a70cc.png

AAhhh Couponing, we have a love hate relationship. Way back
when I first started setting up house. I tried couponing but I really
didn't understand how to do it at all. I ended up paying more half the
time because I was trying to buy name brands. I didn't know about
matching at all. Fast forward  to a year or so ago... I tried couponing
again. This time I went online and watched loads of videos explaining
how to coupon. I bought a binder and plastic pockets for couponing.
Then I sat there and cut out ALL of the coupons. When it came time
to use the coupons. I again didn't match search but tried to bring
the ones I needed for shopping. This didn't work at all. I saved
virtually nothing. My system wasn't working. I spent to much time
with the coupons cutting, sorting and finding expired dates.
Enters Christ the Coupon Coach.

I was able to review from the Homeschool Review Crew
Couponing Made Easy By Christi the Couponing Coach

The price of the physical book is $18.00
you can get a kindle version for $4.99

 photo christithecouponcoachbook_zpsfd7911d1.jpg

I wasn't real sure about this review. When I received the book
it sat for a bit. I guess because of my past experiences. I read
some of the other reviewers discussions about how excited they
were and how much they were saving and decided it was time
to read the book and see what I could do. Now let me tell you
perhaps it's the homeschooler in me but I always think I can
change things to make them better for me. Yes that works great
for curriculum but maybe not so much couponing . This is where
I usually make my mistakes but I will get to that in a bit.
First lets take a look at the topics you will learn about in
Christi's book. I give you the table of contents...

Chapter 1 - Success Stories
Chapter 2- A New Way to Shop
Chapter 3- The Language of Couponing
Chapter 4- Organization System
Chapter 5- Step-by- Step Process
Chapter 6- Tips and Tools
Chapter 7 - Couponing Ethics
Chapter 8- Networking & Communicating
Chapter 9- Bonus Section
Chapter 10 Beyond Couponing


I am a skeptic I guess so as I read Success stories I'm thinking
Yeah right. That's not going to work for me. I thought of all
the reasons it wouldn't work. First We usually buy most of our
Groceries from a discount store and that store doesn't allow coupons.
Then there is the fact that we have no CVS locally. I'd have to
drive an hour to get the savings. Probably not worth it. Last
skeptical thought I love my local Shur fine Store. There is no way
it will work there and I'm not a big shop around at 50 stores
sort of gal. I am a person of habit. I like my Aldi, Sure Fine
(Kennie Market), Staples for office supplies, AC Moore for
Crafting needs, and Walmart for home goods.

But I moved on with the reading and came to the Language of
couponing. Really couponing has language. Yes it really does.
Many things I knew. I had heard of blinkies and Bogo Sales.
Then I read about Stacking... and  I thought to myself ... Are you
really allowed to do that. Would my store Allow me to stack coupons?
Maybe this is what I was missing all along with my coupon
experience. So right then and there I stopped reading because
again I am a skeptical person. You can't be given something
for almost nothing. Again I am slow at the process here so bare
with me. So now I have this stacking thing on my mind and
decided to request from our grocery store their couponing
policy. Interesting enough they all have them and they are
different. I found that I could do some stacking after I read
all of the rules. Hmm maybe this could work.

Organization/ Mistakes

Reading the organization part of the book I realize quickly where
I made my mistake. Again I thought I knew better so I created
just a pile of the coupons laying here and dating them. This
is not working well so I will be going out and getting the file
box and hanging folders to organize better. You can see  and
example of how to organize you system in the You tube
video below.

I already had a small accordion box laying around here that I
was using for various index cards. Well I didn't use for index
cards but thought I would so that became my sort file.

Christi Also suggests getting a paper for each member of the
family. Ouch that would be 6 news papers. I didn't think that
that was going to work for me. So I only bought 1, 2, sometimes 3
at times to start. This was a mistake too. I should have listened
to Christi. I learned this after my first shopping trip. Think of all
I could have saved. I did try getting friends and family to help me
find coupons. I found that many of them save them as well but
a church member friend has been laying them out on a table if
she won't use that particular coupon. Messes a little with
Christi's method of keeping track of coupons but doesn't
hurt to have extras laying around.

I also want to mention that it takes awhile for you to be
able to get a store trip under your belt. You have to keep
checking your ads until you find some deals.

So finally after all of my skepticism I was to give it a try.

Matching...Matching the coupons is the hard part. At least I thought
it was but Christi makes it easy. You can find match websites
at Christi's site. Another thing I found out and you might
want to check your local stores website is that my store has
E - Coupons available on their store website. Most stores
nowadays have reward cards. All you do is load your reward
cards with the coupons. When your card is scanned at the store
your coupons are automatically taken off. I love this. I don't even
have to carry the coupons in the store. Love love...

This was our first trip... and again I didn't have as many coupons
as I should have because of the skeptic in me. Please use Christi's
directions. I got two bags of Sure Fine Sugar for .63 cents. This
particular week they were 1.63 because of a big remodeling sale.
I had some store coupons and was able to get $1.00 off of each one.
There were two ketchups by the kids opened one before the picture.
Anyway it was 2 for $5 and I stacked it with coupons and got the
two for $2. I also have pasta there. I got those for 23. Cents. with
my coupons. Mayo was brought down to 1.63. and cake mixes
were 2 for $2. I got those for FREE... They were on sale because of
the patriotic theme and the 4th of July being over. I had two dollar
off coupons making it free to me. The icing ended up being
a 53 cents a container. The kens marinade Was not on my coupon
list not sure how it snuck in there. Ha haa.. And so I only spent
about  $ 6.00 . Wow.... I'm hooked.

If you are interested in learning more about couponing check out
this video below  and you can find Christi on Facebook

Will I continue using Couponing Made EasyYes, I will. I am hooked now. After your first trip and the savings
I received. You will be hooked too. I can't wait to see what else I can
save but next time I won't be so skeptical and I will be more
organized... If you would like to read more Reviews about
Couponing made easy click the graphic below.


Warm Blessings,

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Picaboo Yearbooks

 photo 67706_520522131306078_514079593_n_zps2983de7c.jpg

I was given for review by the School House Review Crew
a  20 page Soft cover Yearbook from Picaboo Yearbooks.

Price for a 20 page soft cover is $8.49 each additional page
is 20 cents each. Very reasonable.

 photo picabooyearbook_zps0e1af50a.jpg

I was really excited to be able to review this product. I've been a
scrap booker for years. I love to be creative and this is the perfect
outlet for me because I also happen to love my children.

Setting up an account with Picaboo is really easy.  You can go to
the Picaboo website to do just that. You simply click create a
yearbook. You do not have to pay for your yearbook or books
upfront. You can try it out and spend some time creating. Once
you create your user name and password any yearbook you create
will be at your access. You will be able to come back change or
reorder as needed. This is a great feature because once you receive
your yearbook you might find that others in your family will be
interested in having one as well. You can also work on a year book
through the year as it happens, which I can't wait to do this year.

Getting started creating your yearbook is fairly easy. If you have a little
computer background it will be a breeze for you. I do strongly
suggest that you watch the video on the picaboo site to see how you
can navigate through the website. The video isn't very long and it will
save you time in the long run. I made the mistake of trying to jump
right in and then was confused about how to upload my photos. Once
I watched the video it was so easy. I have a rather high internet service
and I had no issue at all with the program. I used it in Google Chrome
and in internet Explorer and it ran smoothly through the entire process.

Below is a screen shot of the program. When you click selections
at the top left corner of the page you are taken to a list of your pages.
You create a name for your groupings of pages or you can name one
page. When you are satisfied with your work you lock it so you know
that you have completed that section. If you want to work more on the
page you click your page name and it brings you to this screen. Here
you are able to edit your yearbook page. You can use your own back
grounds or you can use one available through the program. On the
right hand side of the page you can see the links for backgrounds.
You can also search if you are looking of a particular theme maybe
you are looking for dinosaurs. You can type that in and find all the
backgrounds related to dinosaurs. You can also find templates that
make inserting photos very easy if you are unsure of what type of
layout you want. You can drop in your photos as you would like them.
You can turn or re size photos as needed.  You can add clip art to your
year book and words with a text box in various text and font size.
I used the same font through out the year book.

Picaboo has other capabilities that I did not use. You can
work with other people to create your year book. If you wanted
to create a family history you could work on that with your
brother or cousin who lives out of state. As the manager of the
yearbook page you can assign family tasks making it a group effort. 

Once I created a yearbook many ideas for making other books
came to my mind and I really am excited to share them with you.

* Family History
*Baby Book
* Celebrate a special holiday
*Have your kids take photos and then create a story in Picaboo
*Write a story of your own with your kids as the characters
*Homeschool Co-ops
* Science fair project
* Art Notebook
*Summer fun

The possibilities are endless.

Let me tell you a little about what is in our book.

I started out by having a page dedicated for each child.
See an example of Sweet pea's page (pink) and Spirits (blue)
above. I then created pages for special events and field trips
like the one below. This is our art page. I also had a
firehouse page, Apple festival, dinosaur field trip and
first day of school. You get the idea. Another feature of
our yearbooks was that we decided to have an autograph page so
that family could write in notes to our children. So far we only
have a few signatures and notes but hope to grow this over the
holidays when we see more of our extended family.

I ended up ordering extra year book. I ordered one for each
child and one for the grandparents. We then used the autograph
page for the grandparents to write notes to them letting them
know how much we love them. 

The last few pages of our yearbooks had a page to each child and
a letter from mom and dad about the kids school year. This is my
favorite part of the books. I wrote accomplishments and how
proud I am of each of them. I am hoping this will be a
memory for all of us. I am sharing those below. 

I really enjoyed Picaboo yearbooks and plan to make
another one next year. I also have Sweet peas baby book stuff
saved in my blog here and would love to turn one into her baby
book. I just have to find the time to make one. When I do I'll share
that one with you too. I am so glad the Review Crew was given
and opportunity to review this product. I didn't know how
easy it was to use and can't wait to create more memories.

If you would like to read more reviews about Picaboo you
can click the crew graphic below.


Warm blessings,

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us - 25 Truths

 photo 25_zps13016d40.jpg

I was given for review from the School House Review Crew
Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us 25 TRUTHS
By Ed Douglas Publications

Retail - $15.50 Paper Back
Recommended for- Grades 6-12 and Adult

 photo 25book_zpsac9dca24.jpg

About the Author: Ed Douglas is a certified financial planner and
is very successful in his chosen field. He  has been appointed by 3
governors in the state of Missouri and is very active with his time.
Mr. Douglas has a very impressive background and has lived life.
His advice seems to be valuable to those he meets, so he decided
to write the 25 Truths. He volunteered as a tennis (my boys play
tennis) coach and imparted his wisdom to the youth.

About the Book -  The 25 Truths is a small paper back filled with
valuable Character training for youth and adults. There are 25 Chapters,
each with a Truth Statement such as...

Don't Talk Negatively to Others
Watch What you Say, Do and Write
Be Slow to Judge
Take it one Step at a Time
Never Surrender

After each truth Mr. Douglas gives us a little background into
that truth using his own life experiences. Each truth is applied
to biblical Scripture. At the end of each chapter you are given
discussion questions so that you can talk out what you learned
and see how it will apply to your life. I loved that some of the
truths come out of my own mouth and I had never thought to pass
those on in this way.

How we used the 25 Truths-

I read 25 Truths through to make sure it would work with my children.
I realized that for my younger crowd I would have to paraphrase in
some ways. For my teenagers through it worked perfectly.
My son is going into the 7th grade this year but is a grade level
behind peers his age and my daughter is going into 11th. I would
suggest the book for 8th and up possibly 7th if you have a mature child.
Some topics of discussion weren't for younger children but again
could be phrased in a way that is acceptable to them.  I have
not found Character training for teens before presented in such
a great way. Two of my favorite Truths were "Watch what you Say , Do
and Write"  This one was also passed to me by my grandparents through
my parents. Great wisdom. This advice has not always been learned the
easy way but it is advice that I learned quickly as a youth.  The other one
I say all the time to my children is "Take it one step at a time". Kids are
in such a hurry to get things done. They want the end result and
first, and fast. What I liked the most about these Truths is that
they are biblically based and that they are truths that may have
been passed through generations. It gave me the opportunity to talk
about my grandparents to our children ,sharing valuable advice
that I had long since forgotten.

If you have a teenager I'd recommend 25 Truths.

Warm Blessings,



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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Random 5

Hi everyone. Yes my random 5 is pretty late... It has been a long week.
And this is why...

1. I pulled a muscle in my arm early in the week and by Tuesday I could
barely lift it above my head. So typing was out. It hurt from below my
elbow up through my hand. I had a lump by my elbow and one on the
top of my arm near my hand. Typing much less moving was impossible.
Daddy made me a sling and that helped me keep it steady. Today I am
much better but still on occasion feel a pull in my arm. I have to be really
careful. I also didn't take many photos this week. When you are hurting
one does not feel like taking photos.

2. The photo above is a Carousel. Heart went to the beach and took this
photo along the boardwalk. I am missing our trip this year. We decided to
take a year off  to save more for next years trip. We are already planning it.
It just doesn't quite feel like summer when you don't have a beach trip.

3.  I can hardly believe that July is almost over. With that the thought is
wow I better get ready for school. I haven't planned one thing but did a
lost of surfing the web and saving. Spirit today told me he can't wait
for us to start back up and Princess feels the same way. I better get hopping.

4. Over the summer I had planned three major clean out jobs here at the house.
I have one almost complete. The other two won't take long. That was a big one.
I can't wait to enjoy the end result. I think I better plan a day to do them or
they won't get done. We have been spending our days by the pool.

5. This up coming week is going to be so busy. We have our last week
of tennis which is Mon, Wed. Fri. Friday Superboy has a birthday party to
attend. Saturday Spirit has Zombie wars at Karate. Karate is also Mon. and Wed.
evening. Sunday is my Cousins sons birthday party and I feel like there is something
else but I cannot think of it right now. I have four reviews for you this week and
that alone is going to keep me busy. :)

Warm Blessings,


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop

Welcome to the Virtual Refrigerator. Each week you can link up
and join us in sharing our children's art, how -to's and
crafting ideas.  This Blog hop will be available
Each Thursday and will be shared between four bloggers,

This week I wanted to share a quick drawing I did in my
Scripture journal. I am just exploring Chalks but have a lot of experience
using inks. This new to me and need to get accustomed to the media.
I thought the colors would blend easier. I definitely need more practice
but it turned out pretty neat anyway. I draw for me.

We also created this castle in our yard... (We eventually used it with
preschool kids at our VBS) Daddy brought home a big cardboard box
from his work. I cut the tops out with an exact-o knife and the doors.
I cut openings to the second box inside to create some seclusion. The
kids played for hours in there until it was about falling apart. I also gave
them gray and silver spray paint to paint their box. Using the spray paint
was difficult for the younger crowd but they all enjoyed trying it out.
If it would have been just the little Sweet Pea playing in it I would have
had her use lost of glitter and gems on it. Maybe another time I can
have dad bring two more boxes and they can personalize them.

One day it rained and rained so I gave the kids a pinterest craft.
I brought up the directions and left them create. They had a
fun time making these 3D paper lizards. You can get the
Lizard Directions @ Artolazzi. There are examples at
smART Class as well. The kids created their own heads.
Each one is unique to his or her ability. Princess had help
from big brother by the way but she enjoyed coloring and
the whole cutting process.

Of course we had to play with them after. Spirit set up his blocks
and that lasted for some time.

I love Spirits face here. He always makes funny faces when showing
off his art. It's like he's in it.

And of course if you know Sweet Pea you know that hers is pink.

Gather your art and Link up ....

Warm Blessings,


High School Biology in Your Home

 photo banner-main6_zps0658d9fa.png

I was given for review from the Schoolhouse Review Crew
This Product is for children in High School Grades 9-12. If you have
an advanced student it might work for an 8th grader.

Price- $79.99  For this price you receive the Parent handbook
spiral bond, Student Manual punched for your notebooks,
Exams and final worksheets.

In addition to the books you will need a Microscope and
other items for the experiments. It may be easier to purchase
the total packs that the publisher has available. You can purchase
the books and supplies for $258.99 but you will still need your
microscope. For me this would be the easier route since I wouldn't
have to search out all of the items that are needed, which I made the
mistake of doing. I recommend saving time with the Total packs.

About the writer

Bridget Ardoin found teaching Biology easy to understand but found
that other homeschool parents struggled with these high school subjects.
She decided to create a manual to aid in their study. 
( Also available Physical Science and Chemistry) 

 photo BioPrint_HiResJPEG1_zpse7e7b8f8.jpg

How the program works

The program is set up as research based and as independent work for
your student. Each week you give your child a set of questions that needs
to be researched. The number of questions is different for each week it all
depends on the topic presented. Your student will learn time management
skills and research skills. If your child does not have a basis already of
time management or research skills you may have to walk them through
the steps until they are comfortable with the program. Once they have
their research questions you send them on their way using the library
and internet to find the answers they are looking for. My daughter used
many resources from our local library but our internet was the key and
easiest to use. She did use a Biology text book we had been given by
a friend that helped as a source. Princess is great at finding research.
We have worked on that for many years so she was very independent
in her findings and was happy to report back with her new knowledge.
I liked this about the curriculum at this point in her studies she does not
like a lot of one on one instruction with mom.  I loved that I remembered
much of this from my high school years. It has brought back some fond
memories of my own studies.

On Friday you then meet with your student and discuss what they found.
The hope is that they will become excited about what they learned and
be ready to tell you all about their new finds. As I mentioned before she
was happy to report the information. I really like this because
sometimes just writing facts isn't enough but here you have to know
what your talking about to restate it in your words. Doing this cements
the thought process. I love that this curriculum uses all learning styles
visual, auditory and kinesthetic. It is sure to touch on your child's
strength of learning style. Princess enjoyed the meeting times which
surprised me since she doesn't like to work to often with mom.

 At this point it's time to work the though the lab.  Your child will
learn how to use the microscope, use slides, create date ,
and how to use dissection tools.  We loved this about the curriculum.
My kids love hands on. I had all of them over and checking things out
even if they didn't understand exactly what was going on.

Quizzes and tests can be given at your discretion. It is suggested to
give last weeks quiz before the discussion of this weeks.

Topics to be covered for first semester have to do with cells
and various body systems. You will look at Bacteria, muscles
of a frog , bones and cells. You will also do a kidney dissection.

Second semester  you will begin classifications ,Genetics
and Careers. You will compare dissections of a fish and frog.
You will dissect a spider, grasshopper, crawfish, Clam, and worm.
Lots of hands on fun here. Can't wait to get to that.
We are enjoying High school Biology. It's great when learning can
Be fun. Warm Blessings,


If you would like to read more reviews about Biology, Chemistry
and Physical Science by Science for High school Click below.

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