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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekly Finds - Shopping for School Supplies

Welcome to Weekly Finds. This week I thought it would
be fun to share with you links to different supply companies
to help you get ready for your new school year. Sometimes Walmart
is the cheapest place to stock up on school supplies. Just waiting for
those back to school sales to fill up our cabinets again. I also like to
frequent Staples. Last year Staples had a special discount on supplies
by purchasing a $15. card you received 30% discount (I think it was on
products). We really saved with that deal because we purchase so many
items that it was a big success for us and I love Staples. I watch for deals
there and their Back to School Sales. July is when to begin looking for
them . This is when most retailers in PA begin promoting their deals.
Staples also has a reward card for customers and teacher reward card. If
you homeschool you are eligible for the teacher rewards. I have gotten my
coupons for using this card and if I return my ink cartridges I get a $3.00
coupon for my next purchase of ink. Three dollars is three dollars. I also
like to shop for Craft supplies and love to use our locals Hobby Lobby
and A.C. Moore. AC Moore has been in our little town for sometime now
but Hobby Lobby is rather new so I'm still getting to know that one.
If I watch for deals A.C. Moore puts out 40% off coupons of anything
in the store. They also have special deals. Last year I bought White T-shirts
for the kids to decorate for $.2 a piece. you just have to watch for those sales.

On occasion I like to do some special shopping online to give the kids
things they typically wouldn't have for our particular area. My
favorite catalog for buying arts supplies is Discount School Supplies.
I buy mostly paper from here. I love the selection and art papers lasts
me quite awhile. I normally can go 2 years without purchasing again.
This is my purchase year so will have to make an order soon but will
watch for deals first and back to school sales. I also like for crafting
and little trinkets Oriental Trading . You can get catalogs sent to your
home for both resources. These are my main sources for Supplies but
I have found a few more that I may order from this year.

Hygloss products- This one has a wide variety of school supplies.
Lots of little art kits and trinkets for the kids. They often have
promo deals. Right now you get 15% off summer supplies.

Homeroom Teacher- I just recently found this one. I was looking
for a new Calendar since I haven't used one in quite sometime.
My preschooler could use one and our old one is looking pretty
bashed up. Many of the Calendars are on sale right now. So if you are
Interested in one too you might want to check it out.

Carson Dellosa- What I love about this company is the quality of
their products. You can shop by age , need or theme. I love the
cute quality of their graphics. Everyone loves cute.

Last but not least is Dick Blick if you are looking for quality art
supplies this is the place to go. Often our local store doesn't carry
what I'm looking for Dick Blicks will have it.

If you have any to share please add them in the comments and I'll
post them above as they come.

Warm Blessings,



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