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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Homeschool Mothers Journal - Field Trip

I'm not that great at linking Graphics but I am participating
in the  The Homeschool Mothers Journal.

In our Homeschool this week....

We are In summer mode and enjoying many of the things that summer
has to offer us. Recently we went to a local park Richard Nixon Park.
I spoke about this before but I'll mention again that our library has
a program along with their summer reading in correlation with our local
parks system. The book we were given this year is called the garden book.
Each park that participates is listed inside and is represented by a fruit.
Children  go to the park of their choosing and follow the directions for the
walk until they find a plaque and can do a rubbing of that fruit. Some of
the walks are short and some are long and difficult. Most not over a mile
and a half. There are two that have museums attached to them.

Nixon park has different displays all summer and wildlife activities. This
particular week is reptile week. It cost us $2 per child and the 3 year old was
free. So $10. for the family. Very reasonable.

They had a lot of interactive exhibits and many the children could
touch and play with. I'm not sure if you can read the top bar but
this one is about the food chain. The kids wanted to try this one since
they had learned this in Science a few years ago . This was taken
before they played. I should have done it after. I might have to create
sometime similar with cut outs and magnet tape. The kids really enjoyed
manipulating the animals.

Of course the kids kept giving me the this is scary face. lol Some of the
exhibits weren't real like this one and some were .

This is an actual Bee hive and those are live bees.

They had a turtle and a snake that you could touch. The turtle was
less interesting because the kids have one as a pet. Sweet pea
the youngest was the only one to pet the snake, no fear.

Some of the displays were very realistic. (scared look again)

Of course copy cat has to have one by the bear too. :)
Princess was avoiding photos so I have none with her in.

Some were rather silly... but informative. The plaques
had information about each animals displayed.

There were containers of live animals of course lizards , turtles
and snakes .  I'm glad this guy is in a tank.. Yikes. Can you tell
I'm not a snake fan. Sorry reptile lovers, which would be members
of my own family.

Daddy getting in the act too.

Of course sweet pea wanted a photo with just about every animal.

And then we went on our walk and found our rubbing. This
one was the peach. It was a 1.2 mile walk. Sweet pea walked the
entire thing. Daddy did go get the car for her and drove to the end of
the trail but she made it. 

This is I think our 5th or 6th rubbing. We are really enjoying this program.

Warm Blessings,



  1. What a REALLY cool program your library is doing! It gets the kids learning, reading AND outside! How perfect!


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