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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


We are just having this best time this summer and we aren't planning
to go anywhere this summer but local.

First thing we did was join our library summer reading program
Dig into Reading. So far we haven't gotten to attend any of the library events
but in coordination with the parks system we are doing some Geocaching.
Our local parks have set up walks. The children look for plaques and when they
locate them they get to put a new rubbing in their book. So far we have found
4 of the rubbings and have more in mind to go hunting.

Something we plan to do but haven't yet is to attend free movies
at RC Theatres. We went through and marked on the calendar the ones
we might like to see. So far we haven't done any of them but hope to get to it.
The reason we haven't is because the kids have been deep in learning how to
play Tennis.

In our county there is a free program for children to learn how to play
Tennis. The program is called Tennis for Kids. We have gone 2 times now
and the boys just absolutely love it. We play Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
They don't just play games . They do drills and play other kinds of games as
well. While the boys play  us girls go to  the playground with our
chairs and sun umbrellas. Little Sweet pea has made several little girl friends.
Princess usually likes to sit and watch everyone and I sit and catch up on reading.
After attending 6 times the children are given their own free racquets.

Another thing we haven't done yet this summer is  Bowling but its in our plans.
We were able to sign up to bowl for free. Go to the link to see if you can
participate in this with your local center. I believe you get 2 free games but
have to pay for your shoe rental. This sounds like a nice rainy day activity.

Today The kids grandparents gifted us with another activity for the summer.
Princess will be turning 16 July 8th . My parents gifted the entire family
passes to the local pool. We are so excited to be able to swim whenever we
like . Although I think today I may have gotten a little to much sun. I'll have
to be a little more careful tomorrow.

Hope all of you are enjoying your summer. If you come across any
ideas for summer staycations pass them on.

Warm Blessings,



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