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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

See the Light - Shipwrecked

This was one of my favorite products for art. We are in love
with See the Light !!! I don't usually start that bold but it definitely
is product we will order for more art lessons in the future.

I was given for Review Shipwrecked Story and Art Lessons

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Shipwrecked  comes in DVD form for the low price of $14.99.
This particular DVD is for ages 6 years and older.

The Story - This DVD shares a 15 minute story about the Apostle Paul.
We learn about Pauls' faith through the eyes of child Giovanni.
Giovanni and his father are on a special journey when a storm hits
their ship. The ship is beginning to be torn apart and fear grips the
passengers and Giovanni. Everything seems lost until Paul , the prisoner,
steps forward and teaches them all about his Wonderful faith in God.
This is a exceptional story that tells of The Apostle Paul's adventure
through the eyes of a child. The video is not animated but better yet
is drawn with pastel Chalks. This did not deter our children at all
while watching it they became memorized by the artist and the story.

Art projects- On this particular DVD there were three art projects
for my son to complete. I was so grateful for the list of supplies for
each project. I would suggest watching the videos before you
purchase your supplies. I have experience with art materials and I
wasn't sure about some of them. We did have a large box of pastel
chalks but I'd suggest purchasing the fluorescents from See the light.

 My sons first project was a lettering project. The words are to look
like wood and when you take a black light over it you can see highlights
of yellow. For our black light we purchased a bulb and put it in our light.
This wasn't the best way because it was hard sometimes to see the
glowing parts of our work unless we were very close to the bulb.
I would suggest see the lights black light. When we order our next
project we will purchase the black light from them. 

His next assignment was called Who would save us?
Artist Pat Knepley take your child through step by step direction on how
to create this pastel drawing. When you turn on the black light you would
see the cross that saves Us. My son also added other things that glow. He
was into making more things stand out. I think his sea turned out so awesome. 


I had a really hard time capturing his art with the black light I just
don't have the right camera.

We used the See the light Dvd as 4 different lessons. First we watched
the story part together as a family. Then my son did the art assignments one
per day. This DvD could have been a month of art lessons if done one per
week or a two week project doing two per week. We did ours in 2 sittings.
It was just so much fun!!!

His last project is called God is my lighthouse and is presented by Jim
Pence. Jim gives your child instructions to create a mixed media piece.
This one was small enough that I think I was able to catch the glowing
parts with our black bulb and take a picture of it. It's still a little difficult
to see but if you look closely I think you can see the light. 

He used water colors, marker and extreme colored pencils by Crayola.

This is the black lighted ones. You can sort of see the light coming off
the lighthouse. It shows better in real time. 

The only thing I was unsure of was all the supplies we had to purchase.
They weren't things that we had readily available and we have a lot
of art supplies. However once we did get them the kids are enjoying
the new found supplies and I'm not sorry we got them. It also helps because
I think we will be doing more of these and many of the supplies are
similar across the lessons.

Again I cannot stress enough how much we enjoyed this art lesson
and bible study. There are several more bible art lessons and a selection
of art projects without the bible lesson.

Warm Blessings,



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