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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Get Real Stop Hiding Behind the Mask By Jamy Whitaker

I was given in exchange for a review the book
Get Real Stop Hiding Behind the Mask By Jamy Whitaker
in correlation with the CWA Review Crew.

We all have things that we try to hide from. It is hard to really put yourself
out there for God. It shouldn't be. We should be jumping for joy and shouting
his name to the ends of the earth and back. Instead we allow shame, societal
standards and our own fears to seep into our soul. We allow that to come over
our beings and so we hide. We use excuses as to why we are not  forthright
in front of God. We should know, we really should, that you can't hide from God.
Adam and Eve tried and they could not find away to hide their thoughts and
fears from Him . We can put  a mask on for those around us but then while we
hide from them are we really honoring God. Can we truly Glorify Him in hiding?

It's time for us to unveil our masks so that we can do and be all that He wants
us to be. He Gave us so many gifts and talents. It's up to us to find those things
fine tune them and present them to the world in honor of his glory. Jamy Whitaker
helps you through that process of pulling down that veil and presenting yourself
in her book Get Real and Stop Hiding Behind the Mask.

Her book is set up into three main sections Identity, Insecurities, and
perspective. Each one digs deeper using bible principles to learn more about
how you can become more of you for Him. I like that Jamy uses the bible to
convey her thoughts. Having it presented any other way would have less effect.
The very back of the book you will find study guide questions to go along with
each Chapter so that you may dig deeper into your study.

One thing that I took away from it all is how busy our lives get and that busyness
can become distractions for a life that is supposed to represent God . We
get involved in our schedules and routines of the day that we forget our real
purpose. There is so much that can take us away. We have the distraction
of internet, television and telephones. Instead of God being our soul focus of
our day we try to fit Him. He should be our first priority and often times we have
him added as we see fit. In doing this we miss opportunities that God has laid
before. We don't see them because our "mask" is in the way of the view.

There is much more to learn here. If you get a chance pick up your
copy of  Get Real and Stop Hiding Behind the Mask. 

You can learn more about Jamy  at her website on Facebook
Or Twitter

ISBN: 978-1449764043 | List Price: $11.99 |
Format: Softcover | Page Count: 122

Warm Blessings,



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