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Monday, June 24, 2013

Education Theory

Earlier this year I took a college course on education theory.
In all honesty I was very curious about it but what it came down to
was that I already knew by a mothers instinct the obvious. Obvious to a mother
who homeschools and has 5 children. I did learn something though and it helped
to put my thought process out there into a outright process. Meaning something
I think through compared to just doing it. And so I thought I'd share some of
what I learned.

"Young Children have an especially strong urge to develop the artistic and
imaginative personalities." William Cranes letter to a reader.

Children have this innate want to learn and honestly not just children
humans in general. Do we not all strive to learn something new. In
small children it just happens. It would be really hard to stop it but it
can be slowed if we don't present things to our children in away that pushes
the curiosity through their play and atmosphere. A child's development is
not a precise science. Temperament, health, environment, culture and personality
 play a huge part in a child's life, in all of our lives.

"Each of us is continually creating our own knowledge . " Piaget

Piaget states that children are only capable of learning what is known naturally.
The idea here is that children learn by what they know. What they see
and experience. Then  in turn how they interpret it. Children are not able
to preform certain tasks until they are mature enough to do so.  See as a
homeschool mom I knew that. I now that children learn by play and by what they
see. That is one of the reason I homeschool. I know what's out there in the world
of public school and I do not want that to be the things that are known and then
interpreted by my children. I want them to form their  values through our
family experiences by our discussions and the things I show them. Not what
someone else feels is important  to know.

Vygosky has a  theory too but his stages are slightly different and he
feels that there is an added element to learning and you the teacher are it.
Children have a zone of proximal development where they can learn the
most. In this way certain things are presented to children by the teacher so
that they can grow that natural ability but with a gentle push by the parental
figure.. You don't want to push to hard or have it to easy or the child doesn't
learn anything. That is the Zone where your child learns the best.

We all look for that zone don't we. Homeschoolers like to call it the Aha moment.
That moment when you show your child something, allow them to explore it
and then yes .. they put together from their past experiences what it all means.
And we know all this didn't we. We know are children best. We know as
parents where that push stage is. We look for it and we know when its time
to stop . Sometimes we aren't sure but the child leads us and we figure it
out in time. We realize too that sometimes its not the child. Sometimes it's
the way we are presenting it. Maybe not breaking it into the smallest steps
and the child becomes lost. It is not their knowledge it is what we didn't
give them. It's an experience that they are lacking and that they need.

There is a lot more to it all, this is just the jist of it. If you want to learn
more you might want to research it on the web or even You tube has
some very good videos that will tell you all about these theorists.

Basically we want our kids to learn and we want to find those Aha moments
as homeschool moms. We understand that without the theorists because
we have something more important and that is our love for our children.
We worry over them and read books to train ourselves for their future.
But when we look at it what becomes most important is the time we take
to play with them. To show them positive experiences and to wait for that
time when they really see what you want them to see.

Just remember today that your children are not little adults they are
little minds to be molded . Be gentle moms think it through and love
them with your deeds, and words. In turn they will love you and
be a treasure to your heart.

Last week we looked at Child development and I used that to create learning
Goals if you missed it you can take a peek  at our Learning Goals.

Next Monday join me again with a look at Dyslexia and Dysgraphia and
learn some tips I have learned over the years to teach them.

Warm Blessings,




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