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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cleaning and Grocery Shopping

To my Readers:

Hi everyone still not feeling to great but I'm awake a little more
today than usual. My parents came over again to help with the boys
bedroom. They have such a hug mess up there I didn't even realize how
bad it had gotten. No wonder they didn't want to clean it up when I asked
them. We took storage tubs and loaded everything into it to be sorted later
so that we could actually clean the room. The only problem is we are still
trying to pull out things so we can clean!! Yes, it is that bad. I don't have this
issue with the girls just my collector son. The exciting thing is that they are
actually starting to throw some things out. We have all these piles though
that it's a little crazy right now. Piles for my grandson, for keep, for throw
away, for yard sale, for church, for storage, and to deal with later.

While my mom and the boys worked on cleaning up I ran for groceries.
What a mess that is. Our local store is remodeling. They actually moved the
entrance door so everyone crams to park by the entrance. The isles are better
than they were this time. Before I couldn't find anything now I can at least
Follow the signs. Much of the store is the same with a few changes and now
a bigger selection. A bigger selection is good but not for the pocket book. I tend
to spend more when I have more choices.

After that I came home to sleep. I could sleep for hours with whatever this
Is that has a hold of me. I just got up a few minutes ago. Have to take Spirit
to his Karate class and then to moms for my sons playstation game.

I hope you don't mind the format today and just chatting. I'd like
to do more dear reader type posts in the future. I like to journal without
worrying about the pictures I place or the details of reviews. Plus I'd like
to get to know my readers better too.

Hope all of you are well.



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