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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Christianity Cove

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I was given for review two E-books by Christianity Cove  in exchange
for my review through the SchoolHouse Review Crew .

The Divine Dozen - $24.00
 (12 Parables of Jesus that every child should know)

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My kids love to craft. I think they got it honestly from their mom.
I am pretty creative in thinking up ideas for different activities
but always like to see what others come up with and how we can
incorporate that into our homeschool.  I also teach Sunday school
in a old schoolroom style setting. I work with ages 3-12. It helps
to have activities that the older children won't find boring and the
younger ones can do. Not an easy task I might add.  I am always
searching for new ideas and new ways for us the learn about
Gods word.

Let me introduce to you Make and Take Bible Crafts . There are 47
craft ideas included in this E book. You will need very common
craft supplies, so prep is very easy and cost is effective for those
churches or families on a tight budget. The scripture verses and
stories are included in the packet if you are pressed with time and
need them readily available. However I strongly urge you to use
your bibles whenever possibly with children. The  crafts
themselves only take about 15-20 minutes to create. Very feasible
for those with limited time restraints in a Sunday school setting.
This book would be great for Preschool and early elementary ages.

20 of the crafts go with Old Testament stories such as Play dough
snake, paper bag ark, David and Goliath hand prints and hair growing
Samson just to name a few. The next 20 crafts are those that go along
with stories from the New Testament having to do with Jesus.
Examples include Jesus as a little child plate, walking on water
brown bag boats, Ten Lepers thank you fans and many more.
The last 7 are crafts to teach biblical lists like fruits of the spirit,
the 10 commandments, and salvation scripture dice.

I ended up using this with my youngest daughter (age 3)
and my son (age 7) We used it during our bible time. I read the
stories from their children's bibles and then we'd make one of the
make and takes. They worked well for our early morning circle time
because they were simple and quick freeing us up for other things. 

My son was being camera shy but this is my little sweety wearing
some of her new bible jewelry. Her bracelet is the Isaac and Rebecca
paper clip charm bracelet. This is one I really like because I think I can
adapt it to go with other lessons in our Church environment. All the
ages 3-11 in our classroom will be able to make them.

We also made the Ruth and her Mother in Law necklace.
The little one liked this one because she loves hearts. We talked a bit
about friendships and what it means to be a family. All good things
for little hearts to learn.

Here is my little one below with her fishers of Men fishing rod.
We changed it a bit with what we had laying around. We just happened
to have some pvc piping from our VBS activities so we used those.
She added glitter and sequins to her fish to make him shiny. Girls
love glitter and sequins. Well, at least mine does.

I'm not sure what that look is. I told her to say cheese and this is
what I got. 

We had a fun time with Christianity Cove.  Some of the crafts were
new to me but many were not after 16 years in children's ministry.
I think that this E-book would be great for those of you who are
not very crafty but want to add that element to their bible education.
In our Sunday School class another teacher and I take turns with
the lessons. One week she teaches and one week I teach. She struggles
with finding crafty things. It's just not her thing. I might have to
have her purchase this one because I think it would be perfect for her
needs in our ministry.

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The second E-book we were able to review is The Divine Dozen
12 Parables of Jesus that EVERY Child Should Know.

I choose this E-book because it is often hard to teach the parables to
young children. They often have difficult deeper meanings, the
consequences of the characters can be harsh and scary , and they often
contain words that are hard for children. As a Sunday school teacher
I often avoid many of them and stick to the ones that feel are child friendly.
The great thing about Christianity Cove is that they set up the wording
for you. You are given the Story but when needed it is paraphrased and
worded for children of elementary age.

The great thing about the parables is that that don't need to be taught
in any particular order. So you can teach squeeze them in where ever
you need a lesson or you can do them all in a group cluster of lessons.
The parables covered in the Divine Dozen are :

The Good Samaritan
The Wedding Feast and the Unwilling Guests
The Weather Signs
The Pharisees and the Publican
Faithful Servant and the Thief in the night
The Rick man and Lazarus
The Weeds in the Grain or the Tares
The two Debtors
The 10 Maidens
The Rick land owner
Parable of the Lost Sheep
The unjust Judge and the Helpless Widow

Each lesson takes about 25-30 minutes to compete. For our Sunday
School that means we have enough time for snack. There are 5
steps to your lessons. The first is the Capsule which will let you
know at a glance what the parable is about. Then you are given
God's word but as always you might want to use your bible. I would
 have the printout beside it for wording. Next you will find the supplies
list and then any preparation you may need. You will be able to read
a story lesson that relates to children in their world today pertaining
to the parable. I  love this about the lessons. I think to often the
parables are to hard for young children to understand. This simplifies
it for them. After your story time you will be able to complete a craft,
game or worksheet that goes along with the lesson.

We took a few of the parables and tried them out. It worked best
for my elementary child over the preschool age . My middle
schooler sat in sometimes just for pure interest. I was able to modify the
conversation after for his ability. The lesson were easy to follow and
I hope to do some of these with our Sunday School class this summer.
They are perfect for our relaxed days ahead.

I would recommend Christianity Cove. There are many other bible
resources on their website for the Sunday School teacher, Homeschool
mom and dad, or for family bible time .

Warm Blessings,


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