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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Book Review- Destined to live. Despite me Series- A Cause to Be Thankful

I received the book A cause to Be Thankful by Yolanda Shanks
in Exchange for my review of the book. I am not required to give
a positive review or compensated in any other way than the gift
of the book itself. This review is set up through CWA Review Crew.

A Cause to be Thankful is a book about giving Thanks. I was anxious to
read this book. One thing I have learned for sure in my life is that when
the struggles come and life becomes so hard you don't think you can endure
another day. Stop and give Thanks. I know its sounds crazy. Why would you
want to give Thanks when you are going through such sorrow and hardship?
I'll tell you why because that sorrow or thing that is so hard that you don't
think you can endure another moment becomes a little less difficult to face.

" So let us proclaim His goodness together , and allow a wail of praise to rise
from the depths of our souls as we consider the fact that God Himself
considered us in our darkest hour!" By Yolanda Shanks

There are 110 pages to this book. Its a rather short read. Each chapter is
set up so that you have a reading portion, bible verses to read , Prayer
and or study section.  I felt like I knew much of the information that
was in the book however I did find a few nuggets in there I had forgotten.
I would suggest this book for new bible students or those wanting to
reaffirm their faithfulness in Thanksgiving. It could also be used as
a daily devotional they way the chapters are set up.

Yolanda takes us through two important stories of the bible. One is
the story of Zacchaeus and the other is of the 10 lepers.  I love the picture
Yolanda portrays of Zacchaeus in his best attire climbing the tree to
see Jesus. Then in turn pointing out that Jesus already knew he was
there. God really does know our hearts.

Then you are taken through the accounts of the 10 lepers. Taking a look
At each important event that the bible gives us to learn more about
His forgiveness for us and His love. She shows us that being Thankful
doesn't always come naturally. It's something we need to work on .

"God's mercy to those deemed as lawbreakers then to give them
the opportunity to redeem themselves, through their individual acts
of obedience? " Yolanda Shanks

We soon learn that Jesus heals the lepers but only one turns back
to Him to give thanks. How often do we forget to turn and Thank Jesus.
We go about our days in a haze and often forget who is in control.
Yolanda tells us to
"Dance in Thanksgiving."

About the Author: Yolanda is a blogger, speaker, teacher and
grandmother. She is the author of several other books. Yolanda
is a suicide survivor and has used that experience to turn other
peoples lives around.  You can visit her at her website.

Warm Blessings,




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