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Monday, June 3, 2013

5 weekly Goals

Our Heart and Home  is hosting a 5 weekly Goals link up.
Lets be intentional about our weekly goals and challenges.
This is my first week participating so I don't have an update,
but here are my week Goals for the 4th...

1. Clean up and put away the little pile of school things I moved
to the summer house. Books need put on shelves and supplies that
I don't need to use need to be stored and packed away.

2. I have stacks of containers in an upstairs room. My goal is to go
though at least 2 this week, putting things away and storing the containers
for a better use.

3. Cut Spirits hair. His hair is so long right now its ridiculous with the heat.

4. Finish reading a book that I have for a review. I am about half way through it.
Work on a few other reviews as well.

5. Get to the fireworks. Every year I say I'm going and ever year we miss it.
This year my goal is to get the kids to the 4th celebration in our area.

Warm Blessings,



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