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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekly Finds

Getting ready for planning for the fall. Some
of us homeschool moms like to plan over the summer
months I know I did. Did you happen to see the planning
pages offered by Free Homeschool Deals. I thought
there were some good ones but my pin page still takes the
cake on that one. Homeschool Helps

In Preschool, Kindergarten and sometimes 1st grade it's fun
to do an all about you book. It is always hard to do because
they are usually written for children that attend school. Well
look what I found a All about a Homeschooling Family.
Perfect printable for those early years.

It was a pretty slow week this week. I don't have as many links
as I usually do. A friend did send me this video of
Louie Giglio - How Great is Our God  . The great thing about
this video is that my son and I have been studying space and
when you watch you'll see why that is interesting. We
were using a rather secular book at the time and when it would
talk about how the world was created his favorite thing to say
after it was " AND GOD" :) When I saw this I had to show it
to him. We both enjoyed it and it was pretty neat how it matched
what we were doing.

Warm Blessings,



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