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Friday, May 3, 2013

Things that Make me uncomfortable

Story of My Life Blog - Blog Every Day in May Challenge

Today is day 3 of the May challenge and the topic is things that
make me uncomfortable.

I don't like to talk in front of large groups of people.
I can talk in front of a large group of children but put me in front of
adults and I forget what I want to say. Sometimes at family gathers
I seriously would rather sit with the kids. I enjoy the conversation
far more most of the time than gossip.

And there is the other thing that makes me feel awkward when someone
is gossiping about a friend. Its so hard to ignore it because they are
right there directing the conversation to you. Even though they know
you are friends with that person they still keep talking. Typically I
try to make an excuse and high tail it out of that conversation.

I don't like calling companies on the phone. I have never really
liked talking on the phone to much. As you can imagine I don't
have a high tech cell phone only one for emergencies. Even before
I call these places I get all clammy thinking about it. I have not idea
why since most of the time you get that automated teller anyway.
If I can I email people or text. Its less messy. :)

I don't like when we get drop in company.  I have 4 children at
home and despite my best efforts there is always something laying
on the floor. Some big castle or elaborate art work. There is always
a small mess beginning to grow.   Our home is also older and it needs
many repairs which we are working on a little at a time. I feel
like everyone is looking at the big whole in the wall from the dry
wall cracking or the fact that my kitchen cabinets are yellow and
white at the moment. I have to fight the urge to not make excuses
for what it is. We are where we are and I need to get over it.
One day it will absolutely be beautiful until then save me some
grief and call me first.

What are your awkward moments?

Warm Blessings,



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