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Friday, May 24, 2013

Stepping Stones to Bigger Faith Book and Audio

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I was given for Review the

The book Price is $12.00 and
The 2 Audio cassettes are $14.00

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This book is a 37 week devotional based on scripture, written
for Children of all ages. It is geared toward early elementary
or younger. The reading is at a 2nd grade reading level.

The devotionals are easy to read and are about a page in length.
At the top of each page your child is given a scripture for the
week that they will learn by singing using the Cassettes.

The pictures are simple but endearing they remind me of an
old golden book I had when I was little about a little child that
was a help to her mommy and another with bible prayers.
My little one was drawn to the pictures and they became
the topic of conversation. 

The book is meant to be used as a family devotional time.
However I used it one on one with my little one. Her bothers
and sisters get much of my time with lessons so this was our
special time together. The overall goal is to concentrate on one
devotional topic per week since there are 40 devotions. There are
enough for one a week for a school year. You can also choose from
a list of related activities such as drawing, coping the verse, decorate
the verse and so on. There is a page devoted to these choices.

I love how the table of contents is broken down for you. You are
given the title of the article, the topic (God's love) ,  then the
scripture (Romans 5:8) and of course the page number. Looking
at it I think that it will be great later on as we finish the book to
come back to the ones that might be needed again . We can choose
by topic or verse depending on what is needed.

I used the book with my 3 year old soon to be 4. She
has gone through all of the little children's bible story
books and I was looking for something a little more for her.

The bible verses that go along with the devotional are
written in the King James version. You could easily use
another translation. Each devotional is relevant to the verse.

On the first day I would read the story aloud to her.
The second day I retold her the devotional again and then
put the lesson objective more into her own words. The third
day she would listen to the story on audio. The fourth day
we read the devotional again and did a picture discussion.
By Friday I allowed her to choose what we did sometimes she
would tell me the devotional!!  At this age I thought that was
rather impressive. Everyday we listened to the scripture  song.

The Stepping Stones audio come in Cassette form.
The devotional is read and then your child can learn
the bible verse with a song. The songs are sung by
children and are very simple . The words are  Just the words of
the bible verse. I loved this about it. When I taught Preschool we often
put bible verse to song and practiced those songs for a month
each until all the children could sing them.

I would have liked it better if the audio was on CD or a
downloadable version that I could put on my PC. We did happen
to have a player but I think many families have gone from those to
CD and may not have on available to them. It was also difficult if
she wanted to listen to it again to stop and rewind each time and find
the right place. It was distracting. Often times she would be done and
off playing before I could find it again . Otherwise thought we
through enjoyed the reading and music.

I would recommend the Stepping Stones devotional. My
plan is to continue with my little one until the book is complete
and then in the fall I thought we'd add her brother who will be
in second in the fall to our study time. (Right now he is working
on something else) I also thought my sweet pea would have time
to really get to know the songs and verse before her brother joined in.
It will be a good for her to do it again in the fall with her brother.
Little ones like the repetition of things.

Warm Blessings,



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