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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Something Someone Told you...

Blog Challenge today. Some things someone told you
about yourself.  I decided since this is a homeschool blog
and I have sort of enjoyed all month talking about myself that
perhaps it was time to get back into the homeschool discussions.

So Instead of Something someone told me about myself.
How about if I tell you Something someone told me about
  Way back when , before we began to home
educate. I had a daughter who struggled in preschool. I knew she
struggled but I went ahead and moved her to Kindergarten thinking
that she would catch up. That was wrong thinking. So very wrong.
She did not catch up. I had only made things worse by pushing her
along just because of her age. Why we do that I don't know.

During that time I expressed my concern to my dear friend , whom
I have been friends with for years. She sat me down and said.
why don't you homeschool her. I thought about this. This concept of
homeschool and pondered it for sometime. The thought had
crossed my mind but I had doubts like many mothers do . She
said  I have faith in you, I know you can do it. I took her influence
and dug right in. I have never regretted homeschooling.  Many
people said I couldn't . That it would be to hard but this one friend
was always there for me. She didn't tell me how to do it or what to do.
She just introduced me to that world. She sent me to an information
session and I soon joined her co-op. Before I knew it I was
homeschooling and homeschooling happily since.

The great thing is she knew she didn't have to convince me or push
me. She knew that homeschooling spoke for itself. Sometimes
it's the words you don't say. So moms out there that Homeschool
remember that when someone comes for your help. Encourage,
Introduce and be supportive. That's what friends are for after all.

Warm Blessings,



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