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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Something I read Online

31 blog every day Challenge

Sheew we are getting close to the end of May, and our challenge.
I have really enjoyed spending 31 days talking about me for a
change and blogging about it. I don't normally talk about myself.
It was a nice change. It has taught  me a lot about blogging.
Soon through we will be back to our regular homeschool blogging.
Maybe it has been missed. :)

Today My Challenge is to share an article I have
read online and start a discussion.

The homeschool loop I'm on, on facebook sent this through
this week a summer book club you can do at home.
Exodus Books This book club has a fee of $5.

Have any of you ever tried their book club?? Is it worth it??
It got me to thinking about what we are going to do this summer?
We don't plan to take a big trip or spend a ton of money so I really
have to find things to do that everyone will enjoy.

What are you doing that doesn't cost a whole lot but
will keep your kids busy??

Warm Blessings,


I in no way was compensated for sharing this link. It just
looked interesting to me. I get nothing from it. :)


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