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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Saving Memories

Wow I can hardly believe that the two weeks of parenting
series is almost over. Thank you so much for your support
with this project. I didn't have to many of you link up but
that's ok. I learned about using the Linky tool for future
Blog activities  and I know next time I should try to advertise
more than I did. I'm always learning in this blog world.

Todays Parenting Topic:  Saving Your Memories

I think that every child should have some memories and photos
from their Baby life. Everyone is always curious to know what
they were like, what they ate, and what they played with. I think
we wonder about this because we don't remember it. I also believe
that you feel loved when our parents treasure our childhood and
have something from it to share with you. I know it can be difficult
to keep a baby book sometimes. We all get busy and honestly after
5 children it wasn't much fun anymore to keep. I knew it was
important for each child to have something . I started this
project I wanted to be able to finish it. Being a blogger has its
advantages. I documented my youngest child's baby years in a
link on my blog titled Sweet Peas Baby Book. The purpose for
this is so that I can later get it published for her. It's a completely
different way of creating a baby book and is really different
than the other kids but It was what worked at the time. You can
use this website called Blog to print. It's only $14. 95 for soft print
and $24. 99 for hardcover. For me the price is perfect for what I
want it for. You could also create your home school year book
this way  !! And all while your blogging.

Each of my children also have a box of memories. This one is
mine. We used old pizza kit boxes and this one looks like a
book but opens to my hidden treasures. I have always had a
box of goodies stored somewhere and still have my childhood box.
It's fun to look back on and remember. In my box over the years I
have collected letters from friends, cards from my children, Awards,
certificates (naeyc is from the National Association for Young Children)
dvd from grandpas funeral, hankies from my grandmothers hanky party
when she was 16, my sock monkey that my aunt sewed and that red
box in the corner. That box is my favorite it is completely empty.
My oldest daughter one year gave it to me for mothers day. It said
inside Sanity. All year I kept telling her I was losing mine so she
gave it back to me. It was a fun gift and we really laughed about it.
As I mentioned each of my kids have a box too and when something
sparks their interest as a memory to keep they put it in their box.

(I colored out address from the letters if you are wondering
what the big white blobs are)

Now photo albums seem like a logical choice for keeping photos.
Some people get really elaborate with their scrapbooking and some
people just place them in books. This one is one of my favorites. My
mom made it for me. She wrote something about each of the family
members underneath the photos. This was so great since the photos
are so old that I didn't know who everyone was. If you have a memory
to share along with a photo then share it. One day others will be
wondering about you or your children. Your children one day might
suddenly realize they didn't know all that much about their parents
and something like this would be a real keepsake for them.

Another idea that came again from my mom. She is pretty amazing
at this. When I had my sweet 16 party she had everyone sign a large
piece of paper
. Then she took lots of photos. She used the photo words
to create a fun birthday photo album for me. It holds many memories.

Something else you can do is put it in a binder. I have our entire
family history in a binder from my grandfathers side of the family.
We also have saved some art this way as well with the kids name
and year on them.

Another thing you can do with keepsakes is frame them
and hang them on the wall. This handprint of my sons goes
in our seasonal bin but I can pull it out each year and hang it
on the wall. Things framed add charm to the home and take up
less space in storage.

Do you have any other ideas you'd like to share on
how to keep your memories?

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Warm Blessings,



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