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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturdays Weekly Finds

It's time for my Saturday weekly finds. I came across some goodies this
week. I can't wait to share them with you. Saturday is always filled with so
much, like lesson planning (which I hope to finish out the year )
cleaning up the house and organizing ourselves. We also will be heading
out today for our churches Mother daughter banquet. This has become
an annual dinner tradition. So on with the weekly finds.


You know sometimes God gives you what you need when He
feels you need it. I had one of those terrible mommy moments this
week. They don't come very often but it happened. I had so much
on my plate. I was overwhelmed and the kids were misbehaving
on top of the challenge of handling everything. I admit to it I yelled.
I don't like yelling and later felt so terribly bad. Then that night
when I couldn't sleep I found this website. The Orange Rhino
challenged herself to not yell for 365 days and is now on her second
year of now yelling day 22. You can read about her daily struggles
and how much it has benefited her family.

Do you know what you are doing with your kids this summer?

The Organized Junkie has been a website that I have followed
for some time. I love organizing things and finding new ways to
do that. Laura always has such great ideas to get me motivated
to go and clean something up. Recently she has taken on a guest
blogger Mom of 6, who has written a great article over there about
Planning a Summer to Remember There is a planner print out
page to get your started!!! There is more to come so you'll want to
hop back there soon to read more tips and ideas.

For your Honey

I found this great blog called Fulfilling your Marriage Vows
There is some wonderful information over there and I spent some
time digging around that I might share the link.


Crafty Classroom has a lot of free resources for you.
I've been wanting to grab this Poetry Notebooking Pages

If your a blogger

Have you ever seen those cute graphics that bloggers like
to make but aren't sure how to create the coding well now you
can do it simply too. Grab My Button Code Generator

If you are wondering how well you are doing promoting your
blog you can find out with this Marketing Grader It will grade
your website and tell you what you need to work on to promote
you site. Pretty interesting site.

That's it for this week.  Come back next week to see
what else I have found.  If you would like me to feature
something you have posted you are welcome to share your
link and I'll take a peek.

Warm Blessings,



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