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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Red Baron

Story of My Life Blog - Blog Every Day in May Challenge

Todays Topic... Tell a Story from your Childhood

I know this might sound sad but I spend a lot of time as a child
playing by myself. It really wasn't lonely like you might think.
 I enjoyed using my imagination to play. I had a good time with
myself. I wasn't  bored. I liked who I was and who I am.  We
lived on a farm with lots of animals to talk to. I would fall
asleep on the backs of Ponies. I would sit for hours on end
waiting for a skittish kitten to come and eat from my hand.
Our dog acted as protector and would bark if anything was about
to cause any kind of harm. My parents had the best babysitter.

I would climb on the backs of the horses with no bridle or saddle
and lay on their backs feeling the warmth from their bodies and
the heat left over from the sun. My bare legs and feet would dangle
and I'd hug their necks and watch them eat the grass and day
dream of what was to come. What my life would one day be like.
I already had the best of the best. I really did. They were especially
soft in the fall when they would grow in their winter fur. I had
a special bond with the animals. Something I didn't realize how
much I missed. I see this same thing within my daughter.

When I was 5 I was pretty wise as the story goes. Our little
farm was by a highway. One day our biggest horse and most
loved Red Baron escaped from the corral. Something spooked
him. I don't remember what it was but he sprinted down the
highway. My dad he ran after him calling his name. Mom
told me to wait there and  got the car. Red was about 17
hands high. Pretty big as horses go. Thinking like a 5 year old
with no fear at all in my little heart. I ran into the barn and grabbed
the feed dipper. I grabbed it and some food and ran to the corral
fence. I began banging on the metal fence as hard as I could. Both
my parents were ensuing after Red. I was banging the feeder
with my whole heart. Standing on that fence not thinking.
Red must have heard it. Well I know he did because he abruptly
turned on my dad and ran past him right for the corral where
I had been banging. He knew his food call. He knew what that
security meant. I saw him coming like light speed and jumped
down opening the gate wide. Then stood on the fence while
he ran right in. Then I shut it quick and gave him the feed
from the bucket. Dad found me feeding Red. All was well.
I was the hero for the day or so my dad said. I'm sure I really
wasn't. Many farm children would have done the same thing
but it was that knowing that proud feeling  that I was loved by
my parents that mattered the most. Much more than saving the day.

I can even smell the fresh air from my window and see
the hard wood floors of our farm house. Mom had it clean
and smelling like lemons... Oh sweet childhood.

Warm blessings,



  1. great story! horses scare me so big props to you for being so in tune with these gentle creatures, especially at 5!


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