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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Raging Seas

Story of My Life Blog - Blog Every Day in May Challenge

The Thing or Things you are most afraid of...

This photo above is something I can do. I can go on the water in nice
calm waters but don't -do not take me out after a storm or
when the sea is rough. I hate it makes me a bit queasy.

When I was younger I loved boats. We would go to the beach and
I even rode on a boat called the rocket. Think high speed waves
flying in your face. So you ask what happened? I had no fear
perhaps it was a matter of being young and feeling invincible.

It all occurred one year when my brother took us to dinner on our
beach trip. Along with the dinner came a boat ride. Earlier it had
rained so the waves were very choppy. I found early on in the ride
I didn't like that much. I can swim and swim well so that wasn't a fear
really. I've even had life saving. I think it was that I had my children with
me. Did you ever hear the question Which child would you save if you
you were in the ocean and could only save one? I wish no one had asked
me that because it kept going through my head. I had 4 at the time I think
or maybe it was 3 then but if one fell over which would we save. They
all had limited swimming lessons. The fear was high. I couldn't allow
them to go out on the deck. They were a bit made at me as others were.
They took it as a fear of the ride. I honestly feel it was more a fear
of losing one of them. As a mother the responsibility to protect them
is so high. I went into protective mode. I do know that as I get older
my risk taking has gone done quite a bit. I'm more protective of my
life since I realize now how valuable and precious life is.

Warm Blessing all,

What do you fear?



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