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Friday, May 24, 2013

My Top Three Worst Traits

31 Day Blog Challenge

Three of my top 3 Worst Traits.

Oh boy do we have to go there. Let me just say that
you don't want to do what I just did which was ask your
family what your worst trait is. You soon become the topic
of discussion with lots of secret giggles.  I guess I should be
happy that they all came to one conclusion and not three.
Although my 15 year old says she knows she thought about
more but just can't think right now.  ha aha.

Well the consensus is that I talk to much. Imagine that little
old me talking to much. And apparently it happens most often
when I am upset with them. I was told I should just tell them
and let it go. Ouch I better work on that. I talk myself through
it I guess because I'm disappointed. I'll have to remember to talk
to myself or better yet to God.

Another bad trait I think is that I love sweets. You know it changed
somewhere along the way. I used to like salty foods but at a certain
point I knew I had to take salt from my diet as much as I could.
It took some time but when I did that after awhile when food was
salted it tasted really salty to me and I didn't like the food anymore.
Strange but true. Now I have the sweet issue. Perhaps I should take
out sugar and maybe the same things will happen. Hmm interesting
thought. Perhaps I will.

I'm used to being in charge and often take over. Being a leader can
be a good thing as long as you don't step on any ones toes.
At times I catch myself having to stop so that I'm not over
obnoxious. Oops...

Well these are my three worst. What are yours?

Warm Blessings,



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