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Friday, May 10, 2013

Most embarrasing Moment

Story of My Life Blog - Blog Every Day in May Challenge

I have two most embarrassing moments that I don't think I'll
ever forget as long as I live and both occurred while dating the
same boy in high school. I can only imagine what he says about
me today. Perhaps it was being a teenage and rather awkward so
to speak that lead me to these embarrassing moments.

On Saturday afternoons our local fire company would on occasion
have a feed of sorts. They would provide Bar B Que sandwiches,
hot dogs, chicken corn soup and crab soup. There were other things
too like chips and cheese. You get the idea. You would purchase your
ticket to enter and could also purchase additional tickets once you got
there to possibly win money. Usually our family just went to eat.
It had become tradition to go at that time. Many of our extended
family went as well. The boy I was dating at the time lived in the
neighborhood and we often did family things like this together.

Well this particular day I decided to sit back in my wonky cafeteria
type chair and wam I hit the floor. Since everyone was basically family.
I received a round of applause. Very embarrassing and the boy moved
to another seat away from me. Saying didn't know me but he laughed so
it was all good but terrible embarrassing . Usually boys do this sort of
dumb things not girls at least that's what I told myself.

On another occasion we had gone out to eat at a semi nice place.
We had gotten all dressed up. In my enthusiasm in a conversation
that I do not remember. I hit the table hitting a mustard packet.
Now you know this can't be good. Well it went all over his shirt.
He was not happy with me. I was mortified. I kept apologizing but
he didn't believe me when I said I had done it by accident. Why
seriously would I cover I boy I am nervous around in mustard on
purpose. Eventually he go over it and we finish our dinner.

Warm Blessings,



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